The Railway is a must for the army to come to the right place

to come to the place where the army deserved rail sart
to come to the place where the army deserved rail sart

OTSO Parliament Speaker Levent Yildirim said, Meclis The railway is a must for the development of tourism in the region. We must establish this railway until Sarp. Kadar

Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OTSO) President Levent Yıldırım evaluated the results of the "URAK Inter-Provincial Competitiveness Index-6" prepared for the 2018th time by the International Competition Research Council (URAK). Inter-city in the competitiveness of the Army and liveability in a subject stated that the Lightning should be considered on the go backward, "falling behind due to the region the army or in Turkey, absolutely and definitely needs to be considered too, indeed issue to generate solutions. When we fully evaluate Ordu, we need to get together with all our districts from Akkuş, Mesudiye, Ünye to Gülyalı and discuss this. The Army really has a lot to do in this regard. Ordu has great strides to make, and perhaps decisions it should take, especially in economic, social and cultural terms. The military has to bring itself commercially and culturally in the region. "We should put forward the next 25-50 years of the Army within the framework of a master plan as a whole of the Army, which I really emphasize very much, and then we must come up with a solution."

Rail up to Sarp

Yıldırım said that the railway must be connected to the city in order for the army to make progress. kazanYıldırım said, “The airport has been a great advantage for us. The ring road has been an advantage for our province as well as the university. A railway is a must for the development of tourism in the region. We absolutely have to establish this railway until Sarp. Latter; Of course, I think that this railway will contribute a lot to tourism. We have made great progress in the field of tourism, but it is not enough at the moment, it needs to be strongly emphasized”.

The biggest missing port

Noting that the absence of the port is one of the most important elements behind the army, Yıldırım said, “Although we produce a lot of hazelnuts, the export figures have moved to Trabzon or Samsun. In fact, our lack here is the port. The harbor needs to be done here. It is necessary to develop the trade in the region and trade in hazelnuts. We need to do something urgently and urgently. Both culturally, economically and socially, the army must come to its rightful place. For this reason, what we have to do is the local authorities, our governor, the district governor, the district deputies, the chamber of commerce, and all the other NGOs. .

Army is the star of the region

Yildirim, said: adaki We can benefit from the university to increase production. You know that the university has applications such as 'Professional Agriculture', 'Good Agriculture'. With this type of applications, we need to open the way for hazelnuts. Very recently there was a nuts workshop. The plans were put forward. The actual implementation of the decisions taken here as soon as possible to the people of the region there are more, more than all of these results are presented in the workshop as soon as possible to present the solution and go towards the solution. Ordu is the star of the region. We can shine this star much better if we want. The mayor of the metropolitan municipality also has very serious studies on the issues mentioned. Many projects related to the development of the region are currently being put forward. I think the Army will be much better after these projects have been introduced. (Orduolay)

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