ERTMS Test and Commissioning Activities Training was held!

testing and commissioning activities were carried out
testing and commissioning activities were carried out

The Rail Systems Association was founded in 2014 by rail systems engineers, experts from the sector, academicians and as a founding member of Karabük University. Turkish Rail Systems Association is a non-governmental organization operating for the development of rail systems and rail systems engineering.
The Rail Systems Association organizes vocational trainings to contribute to the development of rail system engineers and engineer candidates.

In this context, 2019 16,17,23,24 2019 24 year in total XNUMX hours of presentations and presentations held by Estram, Transportation Park, Ankara Metro and Metro Istanbul officials held the City Rail System Training Training Program was held.

The second of the vocational trainings was held on “ERTMS and Test & Commissioning Activities” last Saturday with the presentations of Alstom official Aykut Kadir Kozandağı.

With the support of the Association of Rail Systems, Alstom and Karabük University, 04.05.2019 training lasted a total of 6 hours and the main introduction of ERTMS, ERTMS Test and Commissioning Activities were mentioned.

Kemal Faruk Dogan, the President of Turkish Rail Systems Association, stated that it is very important for Alstom, the leading company of the sector, to share their knowledge, and that the rail systems sector contributed greatly to the qualified personnel needs. In the name of the participants, Dogan said that very useful information was gained and learned.

Providing that vocational trainings are very useful for them, the participants pointed out that the intense interest shown in the records pointed out how many people were trying to improve themselves.

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