TCDD 2019 Year Camp Application Results Announced

TCDD Year camp application results announced
TCDD Year camp application results announced

An announcement has been published by the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) regarding camp applications for 2019. In the announcement published on TCDD's website, it was stated that the camp applications for 2019 were evaluated and they were entitled to attend the camps in the facilities. kazanIt was stated that individuals were identified at the moment.

TCDD 2019 camps will be held in Urla, Akçay and Arsuz facilities. right to participate kazanAt the moment, people will make payments to the bank accounts in the result announcement at the link below. Those who pay the pre-allocation fee are entitled to participate in the explanation part of the receipt with the name and circuit of the facility they will attend. kazanThey will write the person's first and last name. A copy of the receipt will be delivered to the Support Services Department. Receipts can be sent to fax number 0312 312 36 12 or by mail (Anafartalar Mahallesi Hipodrom Cad. Nu: 3 Altındağ/Ankara).

It will be possible for the people who have a name in the reserve list to apply to the camp periods with empty quotas.

TCDD 2019 to reach announcements and lists of camp application results CLICK HERE

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  1. Give opportunity to those who never go to the two thousand twenty years ..tcdd camps. Give priority to the faal perşonele… do not give quotas to my cold administration. Those who have gone in the last 3 years should not go this year… .. give opportunity to the retirees in the amount of three tcdd. must know the job .. and supervision must be open to control .. Camp directors should be respectful to camp temples… those who go to the same circuit / camp every year should not be given opportunity. this article is not shilling