2023 Billion Dollars Investment by 50 for Rail Systems

billion dollars investment for rail systems
billion dollars investment for rail systems

yerlilig in rail systems focused on Turkey, it is taking steps to develop technology to increase the added value. In Turkey, the high-speed railway and municipal subway / tram car is scheduled to invest about $ 2023 billion until 50 for the rail system to meet their needs.

Turkey, 2017 year in the rail vehicle systems issued by the Prime Minister at least 51 percent for the use of domestic products with the circular rail system made it compulsory domestic contribution. As of today, both domestic and municipal tenders are subject to domestic requirement.

In this context, especially domestic companies are developing their technology and increasing their exports. In the railways sector which became state policy; The domestic companies, which want to develop the infrastructure in the domestic market, to take a share from the market and to evaluate the potential, are also increasing their cooperation with the leading companies in the global market. In addition to national investments in the sector supported by incentives, municipalities have begun to use rail systems more in urban transport with metro and tramway investments.

Potential global manufacturers in rail systems attract attention

the road passenger and freight transport uses mainly in Turkey, attracts the attention of potential in the global rail manufacturer with rail systems in recent years. At this point, Turkey is both the means of generating main industries both pointed out that an efficient market for this business is engaged in infrastructure construction Rail Transport System and Industrialists' Association (according RAYDER) abroad in many cities across the rail investment planning were initiated. Now producing its own tram and subway, train and even entered the national effort to produce the high-speed railway industry is developing in Turkey. The development of sub-industry increases the sector's contribution to the economy with added value.

12 is a thousand-kilometer high-speed train project, which is important in terms of passenger and freight transportation, national rail network project, 350 thousand and more populated cities for the city with the tram, light rail and metro systems, line automation and signalization work will grow. Inner-city rail operations in Turkey while in town yet 11, 17 the rail system was approved investments for the province. The project studies started in this direction.

Turkey's total 12 466 thousand kilometers of railways network. In line with the 2023 year, the 10 thousand-kilometer high-speed train, the 4 thousand-kilometer new conventional train line, electrification and signaling work are under way. In 2023, it is aimed to reach the 25 one thousand kilometers along with the high-speed train lines and the 2035 thousand kilometers of railway line targets in 30.

It is planned to complete the 2019 441 2023 740 2023 200 2023 10 15 2035 15 city ​​rail system in Turkey is expected to reach up to a thousand kilometers 20 XNUMX total length of the line. In line with all these objectives and plans, the share of railway transportation in XNUMX; XNUMX on the passenger, XNUMX to increase the load is targeted. In Turkey, XNUMX XNUMX percent in passenger transport in these rates, whereas freight transport is expected to be increased to xnumx'y percent.

Investments in metropolitan municipalities accelerate kazanis working

as the density of metropolitan rail system investments in Turkey stand out. In these cities, especially in public transportation, rail vehicles come to the fore. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality aims to increase the rail network to 2019 by 450. The investment amount determined for the target in question also reaches 35 billion pounds. The long-term rail system in the city is aimed to reach a thousand kilometers. İzmir is also one of the cities that has rapidly expanded its rail network. With the Izban and İzmir metro lines, the 35 of the public transportation journey takes place by rail system.

While an average of 200 million people use rail systems annually in the city, it is aimed to transport 500 million people by rail systems. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality also wants to increase transportation with rail systems in the city with its investments in domestic production trams and LRVs. The acceleration of investments in other metropolitan municipalities kazanit appears to be.

Global growth is expected to be 2.6 annually

In the case of exporters, experts in terms of long-term projects; Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, Iran, mean countries such as Russia will be among the highlights of Turkey in terms of markets. Sector representatives, who point out that the new systems, line, automation and vehicle renewal market are growing, makes the determination that this market has attracted the attention of foreign producers and that there are significant areas of competition. Foreign companies in the market to increase the effectiveness of Turkey in this area are turning to cooperation with local companies.

The 2009 billion euro between 2011-146 and 2011 billion between 2013-150 and 2013 billion between 2015-160 and 2017-2019 for 176-2019 for 2021-185. 10-2.6 XNUMX billion euro is expected to occur between the years. In the upcoming XNUMX year, the market for rail systems is expected to show an annual growth rate of XNUMX per cent annually.

The global rail market includes services, infrastructure, freight wagons, signaling, regional trains, urban and mainline rail transport systems respectively. The most invested and exporting countries in the sector are China, Germany and the USA. In the surveys, the new emerging regions of the market increase between 2015-2017 are Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. The EU and Asia have the largest market share in the passenger car market, while EU countries in the light rail systems rank first.

While the average export/import ratio was 2009/2016 in rail systems in Turkey between 1 and 5, this ratio reversed momentum with the production of domestic and national brands in 2017 and 2018. kazanwas.

Turkey's top imports from countries as South Korea, China, Czech Republic and Germany, and most exporting countries are Thailand, Poland and Germany. Turkey's rail transportation business in the domestic provinces, cities 12 as of today. These provinces are Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Konya, Kayseri, Eskisehir, Adana, Gaziantep, Antalya, Samsun and Kocaeli. 3 thousand 461 units metro, LRT, tram and suburban vehicles have been imported so far. In addition, in the near future, which will be planned to use the rail system in Diyarbakir, Mersin, Erzurum, Erzincan, Urfa, Denizli, Sakarya and Trabzon will be purchased for the vehicle.

51 localization requirement increases the competitiveness of the domestic producer

As of the end of 2016 year, local companies successfully completed 2 bin 600 mile rail and 41 rail system project in Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco, India and Ukraine. In 2017, 25 has exported 85 million euro wagons and spare parts to these countries and 500 exports to 2018 million euro in recent years. 600 year 2019 along with exports of vehicles and spare parts, exports of services amounted to one million euros, and in 700 it is expected to be XNUMX million euros.

On the other hand, at least 51 percent of the locality requirement introduced in public tenders to promote domestic production attracts the attention of large-scale companies in the global market. At this point its investment location in Turkey or some foreign companies seeking a local partner, the partnership in 'keeping the know-how of hand, Turkey is said to want to assess the country in the form of an assembly.

This sector representatives who want to avoid the situation, as well as the condition of nativism 51 percent majority stake in the partnership if the company underlines that Turkey should be given additional points in the 5 percent to award contracts to these firms. Experts, this step will be to maintain and develop the domestic capital, Turkey's adaptation to the technology, says it will improve the system of dominance and financial strength. (Source: World)

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