Photo Exhibition of Ramazan Mahyaları Opened in Tunel

ramazan mahyalari photo exhibition opened in tunel
ramazan mahyalari photo exhibition opened in tunel

In the month of Ramadan, the Sultan of the 11th month, a photo exhibition titled '' Ramazan Mahaları '' was opened at Karaköy Station of Tünel. The exhibition will remain open during the month of Ramadan.

Centennial Tradition Mahyacilik
The place, which is a tradition that has been living for centuries, was very important especially as an expression of the joy of Ramadan in the Ottoman period.

Building a ridge is a place that can be read in the dark by hanging small lamps from a rope stretched between two minarets of a mosque. sözcüWriting statements is making descriptions. The purpose of this tradition is to encourage people to do good, to encourage good deeds and to make children love the month of Ramadan, besides thanking Allah.

The art of masonry is still continuing, although its techniques and practices differ. Electric lamps are used instead of lamps burned with oil. In the past, not only words in the neighborhood, but also the figure, such as künzek kayığı, cannon, girl tower and bridge were painted with candles burned between the ropes. The light bulbs of the minarets from the candles on the side of the roses, illuminate the sky and the city; the great little everyone who took them to other realms would take hours. However, it can be seen that as the pearls lined with minarets of mosques like mosques, it will be longer to teach the smiles of today's cities as in the cities of yesterday.

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