Istanbul Military Airport Warning

old military pilot from istanbul airport warning
old military pilot from istanbul airport warning

Captain Pilot Bahadır Altan talked about the problems of Istanbul Airport that appear every day and how they can be solved. Ataturk Altan error indicating that the closure of the airport, said the new airport will stop the event of unavailability of life in Turkey for two days. Altan, who has already warned against taking measures against the winter conditions, asked the passengers for advice, “Let the passengers take cheese bread with them once! A meal there is around 100 lira. ”

Newspaper WallNuray Pehlivan talked with Captain Pilot Bahadır Altan about the causes and solutions of the problems arising at Istanbul Airport.

Altan pointed out that there will be more ice and fog in the winter conditions at Istanbul Airport and warned the authorities to take measures already.

Former military pilot Bahadir Altan has been working in the field of civil aviation since 1992. Altan, who is a captain at Anadolu University SHYO, THY and Pegasus, is now working as a teacher pilot at an airline company.

Here is Pehlivan's interview with Captain Pilot Altan:

Why is this happening at the new airport? We talked and discussed a lot, but should we listen to the process of the project?

You know, the location of this airport has been kept secret for a long time. But it is not difficult to guess how the decision was made in advance and how. It appears that it is a decision made entirely by the political authority and the rent accounts of its supporters. Even according to this, land purchases etc. Since they were made, they did not approach any changes. In this process, the location of the airport, the occupational chambers on the ground, geology, meteorology, aviation experts, many NGOs have issued numerous warnings and reports. Ecologists also pointed out the water basins here. However, while the project was in draft, it was never discussed publicly. Neither the bridge between the Galata Bridge and the Unkapanı Bridge, which they did to Haliç, was discussed with the public, KabataşSeagull Project in. Everything is done like this. For example, the last Kadıköy In Sogutlucesme, the trees started to be cut down while the project was on hold. Nobody has the power to make a sound that will affect them anymore. Major projects that concern the public in democratic countries are discussed with the experts in the public and then decisions are made. Since we do not have such things, mistakes are made on the mistake. The architect of the Haliç project is also the architect of the Martı Project. In one of his speech, he even defended his own project as "It's done now, there is nothing to do." This is exactly the point. On what basis does the architect of the Martı Project say? Because civil aviation does not have such control authority during the project phase. Moreover, they can find “experts” who confirm their decision. Therefore, the institutions that will carry out the audits should be autonomous institutions. For example, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) is not autonomous, but dependent on political authority. The Minister of Transport appoints his general manager. No merit is respected. For example, Ali Arıduru and his deputy Oktay Erdağı, who received a penalty of nearly 2007 years for abuse of office in the Isparta accident in 2, were civil aviation general managers appointed by Binali Yıldırım and had no interest in aviation. They came to this task from the railways. Therefore, since there is no autonomous institution, their control does not have a great meaning. During the inspections carried out by experts, the World Focus company offered to stop their flights because of the risk of accident, but the general manager of SHGM did not do what is necessary, so there was an Isparta accident. You know what the reason for this company favored? The tail name of the first plane they bought was TC-AKP! Can an institution intertwined with such political power control?
Which state officer could say that the location of the new airport is insecure! Or 29 cannot be opened in October! An understanding that detained us against those who say, 'Who are you (even ulan!) Did not they say?


Yes, but an airport open to international flights is also under international supervision Evet

In this regard, institutions such as EASA, accept the authority of each country's civil aviation authority and rely on their word. "DGCA in Turkey is not independent, not autonomous, hides the truth, you do what the political authorities," he does not think. Otherwise it can't be, but Europe in general treats everything in two ways. Did you hear, for example, that the workers made no voices in terms of working conditions or work killings? In our opinion, the working hours of the volatiles are too much according to their standards, but here I am not involved. Or 58 workers have been killed in this construction, have you ever heard the voices?


At the airport, the planes were on the agenda for a long time before they took off. What is the reason of this?

The new airport looks like Amsterdam, but there are a lot of tracks. But it is very practical for the planes to cross the runways in this area, and there are shortcuts that are managed from a center called ground control. In our case, this organization is not possible to do, the ground radar is said to work. Large airfields, such as a plane that will cover the runways should not go short of time loss. For example, an airplane will leave the other runway by crossing the runway. At the same time on the right runway is the plane landing. All this traffic must be directed very carefully. However, these short cuts cannot be made in Istanbul, so they travel around the whole track and travel very long distances. That's why planes stay on the ground for a long time.

Here, the traffic in the ground and the air in the air is being routed as a complete procedure as when the radar fails. The distance between the airplanes can be adjusted much more and the traffic is managed without any risk. I'm not saying it's a risk, don't get it wrong, but it's not air traffic. Let me tell you this; There are red, green lights in traffic, but when the traffic is very low, the yellow light flashes so that there is no loss of time. Because the number of cars will pass through the night. Therefore, if appropriate, non-waiting vehicles. The system is not able to use an initiative to produce practical solutions. These are spoken so much, but you can't ask one of the air controllers why do you manage? No one can speak a word, it is not possible to produce solutions in such a pressure environment. That is exactly when all procedures are applied to motomots, such as time is lost. A friend from Eurocontrol, who works in Europe, said, 'Since the airport was opened, all American flights are coming in an average 40 minute delay. Why so? 'He asked. That's why. After closing the airplane door you have to go to 40 minutes slowly. This may cause overheating in the summer, or even tire explosions.

Normally on one side of the runway on the other side of the runway is made when landing. But there is a structure that is so scattered that the plane must go 40 minutes to take off from the terminal at the furthest point. In other words, making the airport large, you can not relax the flow of traffic by making the world's largest! The problem is here. Now it will be more comfortable if you do this twice as the airport? The distances from 5 to 10 for airplanes are like a spot in the air. If you don't do the traffic load to other squares, approaching the 6 runway is like approaching a point. The distance between the aircraft must be again. In other words, it is necessary to focus on such a heavy traffic load a solution that will distribute the 1500-2000 aircraft more than once in a day. If you do the world's largest terminal and runways, you can't solve the problem with this head.


The long distances on the ground have to go slow in the planes, it is understood, but the reason why the planes stay in the air for longer, why do they wait?

This is the procedure I've just said, the full procedure. When a large number of airplanes are landing at the same time in many ways in Istanbul, they are in line to approach 5-8 nautical miles between them. Although there are many runways at Istanbul Airport, it is not possible to approach aircraft from different sectors at the same time. Parallel approaches can be made on two separate runways, but for the time being, it is not possible to perform these full rules of procedure due to motomot implementation. In other words, the distance between planes is set as if approaching a single runway. This causes the queues to grow, to cause air toss. Imagine the 1500 aircraft in the day to get up and down. Even if you share this equal to 24 hours, it is 1440 minutes in one day and more than one plane in one minute. If you think of landing only, you have to shorten the distance between the planes in the morning and evening. When the direction of the landing runway is changed frequently due to the wind, as in recent times, even if an airplane is added to the plane, a revelation of the landing track. Airplanes have to take the wind from the front on landing and take off, so all traffic approaching the runway direction changes. That's why they wait in the air. That is why the prevailing direction and stability of the wind is very important in choosing the airport location.


This should also be a cost dimension Bu

Of course. The extra 20 is a terrible cost increase, which means that you spend fuel in the air in minutes. Amsterdam, London etc. The airports have solved this. He divided the traffic into sectors as altitude. The number of traffic per controller is low. We have five times as much density in Europe. There is a primitiveness in every subject. From the beginning. You are the one who will use it even if you bring the world's most modern technology. We are the backward pilots of a backward country. The status of the administrators, bureaucrats, without merit, is much more serious. I think this is the source of the problems.
Going back to your question; the shortcomings in terms of infrastructure, from the point of view of the enterprise, cause too much waiting in the air. I imagine the raw hope that this problem will be solved in the short term. Because there is still a reason for solving them, there is still a reason. The General Manager of Turkish Airlines' what is there waiting for the AHL, divertler was also! says. His primary task is to defend the political authority that places it there.


Is there another example in the world that has made a new one and closed the old one?

There is no such example of closing an airport, which I know is active. For example, in Rome 3 airport was built, but others were not closed. It is impossible because it is incompatible with the economy and the ecologists. This can of course be done if the airport has become unusable due to geographic or weather conditions. But there is no such situation. In the first three months of this year we are talking about an airport that has entered the top five of the world. So I say here that there is an inheritance, a haramzadelik, an evil. We're not so rich, nor are we entitled. They closed the Ataturk airport to fill the shopping center they called the terminal. At the airport, they keep telling the terminal that it is so beautiful, but as the plane approaches the bellows, a place guard says lar come, hoop, Havalim and bring the plane closer together. A complete primitiveness prevails. Even if it is the richest country in the world, it does not close an airport with no reason.


In winter conditions everything will be even more difficult. What are your predictions?

Once compared to Atatürk Airport, the meteorological experts say that there will be much more ice and fog. According to him, measures should be taken. For example, in northern countries, heated runways have been built for similar situations. At least one or two of the tracks could have been like that. If these systems are not available, the summer period should not be passed. If Istanbul Airport closes, where will you download the 1500? Neither Sabiha Gökçen nor Çorlu is enough. What will happen if you close Atatürk Airport not to use it as a reserve? When this occurs 2 days if life stops in Turkey. Air transport capitalism blood vessels, circulatory system.

Black Sea coast is a major disadvantage in this respect. In this case, the device is approached with the landing system (ILS). This system allows the landing of the sight even under zero sight at 200 and below. The most modern, 0, boasting that we have gotten a favorable system, even at sight. But then the wait will be much more. This will be two times even more when the other aircraft normally approaches 5 from behind the shaft because when a plane lands. So the time between the 2 4-5 minutes and minutes will increase in the air waiting. Here they need to take measures against them. Rapidly between the Atatürk Airport and the new airport between Çorlu and Sabiha Gokcen airports need to set up rail systems. At least now the AHL should be kept alive. It is necessary to maintain the terminal buildings there and use them in case of a disaster.

Floods etc. therefore, this possibility is not weak at all, it may become completely unusable. There will be no rainfall ever seen. The airport can be completely submerged. unprecedented major ecological events due to global warming is happening now in Turkey. This airport was built on bird migration routes, water basins and floods. In other words, building a creek bed and then flooding the rain was very severe and it is not helpful to say what to do. Just like that. At least you shouldn't close an airport that you can use to spare.


What do you think about the discourse that the angle of the wind was not calculated and built in the wrong place when the airport was established?

In fact, there is such a thing as a camel neck curve, but here the very sudden changes in direction and intensity caused by the clouds we call cb or thunderstorm are a little more effective, I think. The public perceives this as if it doesn't happen on other sides, it just happens here. Not like that. Of course, there were pass-throughs and going to the reserve square due to such incidents at Atatürk Airport on a few days of the year. It should not be enlarged. But the important thing is to provide practicality to solve the problems caused by this in air traffic. As I said at the beginning, it is not practical to pick up a missed plane and land it on another runway. this much kazansolutions must be found. In the absence of practical solutions, the passing planes queue up as the 10th when there are 11 planes behind. That's an extra 40 minutes in the air. His fuel is not enough for this, he has to go to the reserve area. This is a negativity that can lead to pressure and strain on decision making and landing accidents in passing passes. If you cannot provide this practicality, you cannot operate this airport.

What happened because of this wind was actually a warning, a great chance for me. Because of the sudden direction of the wind called the windshear and the change of violence (so called wind in the downpour) that day, 10 aircraft flown. Waiting increased, Çorlu, other reserve squares to go and had to wait at the ground. Waiting in the air, for example 10 to take an additional fuel per minute 40 means to carry more cargo. Carrying more load also increases fuel consumption. These are all cost. What needs to be done now is to take lessons from them and produce solutions. But I do not see such a mind, obviously. All the effort on keeping them public.


What do you recommend to passengers traveling at the new airport?

It was so good that you asked. One of the crucial problems. Once the passengers take cheese bread with them! This is my first advice. There is a meal around 100 pounds. It is so expensive that employees on the ground are trying to shop on the plane. Since they are more expensive at the terminal, they try to get a sandwich from the plane. Employees do not even have a dining hall. If he tries to eat there, the workers will give a significant portion of his salary. Everything is very expensive. The biggest problem of transportation is that there is a lot of places for public transport, except the bus, which is paid as much as a plane ticket when you try to go by taxi.

I think when passengers encounter a problem, they should respond to the social media. So the pilots can't talk, the hostesses can't talk, the workers on the floor can't talk, so that we can get the job done, but the passengers have nothing to be afraid of. Passengers must come and tell us, you should produce such notice channels. They need to call and tell reporters. The mistakes are only corrected by such public pressure.


So, what can be done at least in terms of flight safety?

Unfortunately, our country is in the end in terms of flight safety. Let's start with a description. Flight safety is a chain and this chain is as strong as the weakest link. But of course every problem comes up in pilots. The pilot is a person who is in a position to detect any kind of defect and any kind of flight safety malfunction while using the aircraft. For example, for whatever reason, the captain must make sure that the plane does not hit the wing on that pole. There are other factors, not the main culprit, but what the captain should do to prevent this accident. If he needs to stop there, he'il stop, if he has to bring the passenger down. Just not an accident. The pilots should make the most of their flight safety without any pressure. A pilot should first of all take responsibility for his / her professional ethics and rules, not against his / her boss. Our hypocritical oath is about human life and flight safety. If necessary, the operation may be delayed, no matter what happens, but they must take care not to cause any accidents.


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