Mızraklı: Public Transport Drivers Should Work More Carefully

more organized mass transportation missions
more organized mass transportation missions

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Co-President Adnan Selcuk Misrakli, who has examined the works carried out at the Directorate of Transportation Directorate Directorate of Bus Operations, underlined that drivers should show due diligence in their relations with passengers.

Adnan Selçuk Mızraklı, co-chairman of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, continues its investigations in the study areas. Mızraklı met with the staff at the Department of Transportation, Department of Bus Operation and celebrated the 1 May Labor and Solidarity Days of the employees. Mızraklı, who received information about the number of available public transport vehicles, the vehicles being scrapped, the fuel used and the operating system, examined the public transportation vehicles used in the cities and districts. Mızraklı also gave information on where the public transportation vehicles are produced according to the types of vehicles and that the number of public transport vehicles providing free ring service should be increased to the students within the campus area of ​​Dicle University in order to prevent the students from being victimized.

Anger control and public relations training will be given to drivers

Mızraklı underlined that staff and passenger relations should show the necessary due diligence and asked the drivers to give trainings on anger control and public relations for a better service. Emphasizing that they are performing public service, Mızraklı stated that all staff should be careful about this issue. Mızraklı said that those who work in the public sector do not have a luxury like anger, and that the drivers should act with this awareness. Mızraklı, who wants to give the citizens the necessary personnel for a better public transportation service, to constantly warn the drivers, said that the friends should show their attire to the human relations.

Spear, surveyed the excavation area

Mızraklı, who completed his examinations in the Department of Transportation, then moved to the excavation area of ​​Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality in Yenişehir district. Mızraklı received information from the relevant personnel about the works and asked for the elimination of the identified deficiencies. Mızraklı, who stated that the tires in the excavation area should be cleaned from the field, stated that the collected car tire wastes can be evaluated for recycling purposes in the Department of Parks and Gardens Art Workshop.

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