Minimizing Target Noise in Gaziantep

minimizing the target group
minimizing the target group

📩 05/05/2019 11:59

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality held a Gaziantep Noise Action Plan (GAGEP) meeting. At the meeting, the road map to determine the highest noise areas, noise sources and the noise of the city were determined within the scope of the noise action plan to be implemented in Şahinbey, Şehitkamil and Nizip district.

Tı For a quieter city, for a quieter environment, to make a difference uzman with the main theme of the study against noise, the metropolitan, brought together the experts of the issue, took steps for a city without noise.

According to the results of the strategic noise maps prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, in the fight against reducing the noise level in the regions where the noise level is high and in the regions exceeding the regulation standards; In order to determine the technical measures and sanctions to be taken, and to ensure that the noise level is adjusted according to the legislation, the preparation of GAGEP Project has started.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting held at the Meeting Hall of the Metropolitan Municipality Çetin Emeç Emel Kıraç, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department, stated that the noise action plan, which is critical for creating healthy living conditions in the city, was built on strategic noise mapping works.

Planned, in the urban areas of the protection of quiet areas and areas where high exposure to noise exposure is aimed to determine the measures taken in these regions transfer Kıraç, Şahinbey, Şehitkamil and Nizip district of the plan, including the population-intensive, he added.

The participants were informed by the presentation of the experts; methods including maximum reduction of noise sources due to road, railway, industrial and recreational activities.

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