Manisa: Long-Lasting and Completely Local Concrete Road Application

manisaya low cost long vertebrate and fully domestic concrete road
manisaya low cost long vertebrate and fully domestic concrete road

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, low cost, long life and domestic production because of road maintenance work as an alternative to asphalt concrete road application. In the first place in the district of Saruhanli Kumkuyucak-Nuriye in the concrete road between the application of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ali Öztozlu, God willing, we will get a good result, citizens of this country's stone, with the soil travels on the roads uh said.

Due to the low cost of production, long life and domestic production, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is also working on increasing concrete road application in our country in recent years. In this context, firstly, the concrete road application was made between the Kumkuyucak Lütfiye-Nuriye Districts of Saruhanlı District. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ali Öztozlu, Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction and Repair Department Head Kurtuluş Kuruçay and Saruhanlı Coordination Branch Director Yener Sav also examined the works carried out on the road.

We care about road maintenance

Mr. Ali Öztozlu, Deputy Secretary General of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that arac 5 is a significant investment in the road maintenance and repair works throughout the province in the period of the remaining service. Il Road maintenance and repair throughout the province with our 300 employees, 200 vehicles and 4 construction site We continue to work. In this sense, the 5 thousand 600 kilometers of 3 thousand 500 kilometers across the province in the 5 kilometer in the remaining XNUMX annual service period was made asphalt and maintenance work, Bu he said.

A method applied for the first time in Manisa

President Ergün under the leadership of the road maintenance and repair work throughout the province will continue quickly indicating that Oztozlu, low production cost, length of life, the length of the period of Manisa to be more appropriate to the climatic conditions of asphalt instead of doing a different application on the road, stating that der applied for the first time in Manisa method. Asphalt pavement concrete poured in the cylinder application. This is an R & D study. We are a country dependent on foreign energy and oil. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the cost of these resources. In addition, concrete road application is more suitable in Manisa's climatic conditions. According to the asphalt concrete, the spread time is longer. I hope we get a good result that our citizens travel on the roads of this country with the land of stone bir.

He explained the technical details

Providing information on the technical details of the study, Kurtuluş Kuruçay, Head of Department of Road Construction and Repair, stated: ı Due to the situation in our country, many institutions went to ways to take economic measures. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün gave importance to road maintenance works, instead of restricting investments, he led us to look for alternatives. In this sense, taking into account the districts where the asphalt season is very small, it has pushed the concrete road where cement based binders are used economically in domestic production. In a short time the series is done. Surface finish and long life compared to hot asphalt. We will observe the concrete road application for the purpose of research and evaluation for a period of two months and present the results to our president. We thank Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality for his support. Man

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