No Passage to Undocumented Transportation in Manisa


Municipal Police Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the Directorate of Transportation teams, to increase the control of documents to prevent undocumented and pirated transport. In this context, vehicles transporting services in Salihli passed inspections.

The Traffic Police teams working in Salihli district under the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department do not allow undocumented transportation by increasing their inspections for transporters who do service transportation throughout Salihli without a certificate. Although there are a total of 252 public service vehicles with "J" license plates in Salihli district, some commercial enterprise officials and land owners prefer to carry out transportation with undocumented vehicles during the summer season, and Traffic Police teams, which practice at different points in the morning hours when the services are intense, It applies administrative action within the scope of the relevant regulations to those who carry out transportation for commercial purposes without checking the authorization documents and to the service vehicles with J plate allocated from the districts such as Alaşehir, Turgutlu, Kula and Selendi.

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