Container Port and Fishing Shelters Will Make the Army a Attraction Center

Container Port and Fisherman's Center
Container Port and Fisherman's Center

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that although the army was on the Black Sea coast, he could not benefit enough from the sea and said olm We have to be in peace with the sea Mehmet.


Ordu, which has a great potential with its sea and nature in terms of tourism, emphasized the fact that Ordu is the third largest province of the Eastern Black Sea Region in terms of economy and exports. Expressing that the sea will make the most of the opportunities, the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, ili We are a city with a very different tourism diversity in the Eastern Black Sea Region. But we cannot make enough use of the sea. The container port in terms of agriculture, livestock and export is an extremely important project. Therefore, we want to implement the container port in the first place. We are close to the sea, but we are not at peace with the sea. We have to include the sea in our lives Deniz.


Stating that the share of sea tourism in tourism revenues will be higher, President Güler said, turizm There is no one boat in the sea. We want all of them, including fisherman's shelters. The construction of a boat in Unye is almost over. This boat will create an environment where citizens can travel and eat. In a sense, we will work to increase the mobility of tourism in the sea. We want this region to become a center of attraction with its sea Bu.

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