Great Interest in Maglev Train Project Exhibited in KBU

koude exhibited maglev train project of great interest
Great Interest in Maglev Train Project Exhibited in KBU

Great Interest to Maglev Train Project Exhibited in KBU: Graduation projects of senior students of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Rail Systems Engineering Department of Karabuk University Faculty of Engineering were exhibited.

The maglev train project of Karabük University Faculty of Engineering Rail Systems Engineering students attracted great interest. Maglev train works with superconducting magnets to hang the train over the U-shaped line. The same poles push each other and the train stays in the air.

In the same project, the opposite polar magnets hang the train on the line and on the train. But in the project, magnets are made just below the train and even on the way. The real Maglev trains allow the magnets placed sideways to move back and forth. The prototype progresses through the magnetic field generated by the electromagnets. On the aluminum plate placed under the train and having high electrical conductivity, it accumulates high current and moves towards the direction of magnetic field. The traction source of the train is the alternating current from the mains line. (220V). And the movement of the train can be controlled remotely with the help of a key, as well as remote control.

In general, the aim of Maglev trains is to reduce the friction and to make the train travel faster. The trains that are in use nowadays can reach the speed of 600 - 700 km / h. The train on the prototype was 1 / 75 and the speed was tested experimentally. (Xnumxkm / s)

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