Efforts Started to Solve Parking Problem in Karaman

Karamanda began to work on the problem of parking
Karamanda began to work on the problem of parking

Karaman Municipality has turned the parking area of ​​Anafartalar Secondary School into a car park as a temporary solution to the parking problem in the city.

Karaman Mayor Savaş Kalaycı arranged the parking lot for the place where the old Anafartalar Middle School was destroyed for increasing urban traffic and parking shortage. Anafartalar school, which was demolished within the scope of Kent Meydanı project with the instructions given by President Kalaycı, was arranged as a parking lot with the work machines initiated by the Directorate of Science Affairs.

President Kalayci said that the flow of traffic is getting more and more relaxed with this arrangement, and that they will realize different projects in order to eliminate the parking problem completely and that there will be a permanent solution to the parking problem.

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