İzmir Will Run For Those Who Can't Run On May 5th

izmir mayista can not help
izmir mayista can not help

In 5, İzmir will host the Wings for Life World Run, which will be run simultaneously all over the world on May 2019 to raise awareness and fund research on the treatment of spinal cord paralysis. Before the race, which will be held under the auspices of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and with the support of Ford, thousands of people will attend, an introductory meeting was held, hosted by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer.

The Wings for Life World Run, which will be run simultaneously all over the world on May 5 to raise awareness and to fund research on the treatment of spinal cord paralysis, will also be hosted by Izmir this year. Before the event to be held in İzmir for the 4th time, a press conference was held, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. The meeting with Soyer TOFD (Spinal Cord Injury Association of Turkey) President Ramazan head, Ford's main sponsor sözcüSerkan Özerbay, Ford Otosan Marketing Communications Manager and World Gymnastics Champion Ayşe Begüm Onbaşı, were also present.

The citizens of Izmir
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that since 2014, millions of people from all over the world have come together at the same time on the same day for spinal cord paralysis and said, “For the fourth time, one of the most important aid organizations in the world will be home to one of the most important aid organizations in the world to fund research on the treatment of spinal cord paralysis. We are happy to host. It is truly one of the world's largest well-being organizations, but not just a well-being organization, but an organization for the advancement of science and medicine for science. Unfortunately, although medicine has advanced this much, there is no solution for spinal cord paralysis yet, but we know that it is approaching every day. Every day we started to hear little hints of this. Therefore, this organization is not only a well-being organization, but also an organization for the advancement of medicine. The fact that İzmir is a part of this organization and hosting it is a source of pride for both İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İzmir residents. We will happily do whatever we can to facilitate this. Some roads will be closed, but I know that the people of Izmir will never worry about this. They will also support them with all their energy. I believe this year will set participation and donation records. There is a lot of work for the press, I believe that there will be many people from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Our laborers, especially our Secretary General Buğra Gökçe, and our work in the province will attend. I wish the morning of May 5 to be a record-breaking day for İzmir. These kinds of organizations are the events that reinforce our hope and make us come together. It is not a sports activity alone, there is conscience, culture and depth in each. We want to increase those depths, ”he said.

Every human potential spinal cord paralysis
Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association President Ramadan is also a potential spinal cord paralyzed the head of every human being emphasized, "There are more than 3 million spinal cord paralyzed in the world. There is something general doctors say about the spinal cord paralysis case; poor possibility of walking… But ultimately not impossible. Wings for Life Foundation has undertaken a great mission. They provide a serious economic power to the studies to find the first treatment in the world. The effort of the foundation means hope for us. I would like to thank everyone who is part of this hope by being with us in Izmir on May 5th and who supported us by registering for the Wings for Life World Run mobile application and App Run even though they could not come to Izmir. he spoke.

"My hand is your hand"
stating that they heard a great pleasure to be part of one of the world's most important favor jogging Ford Otosan Marketing Communications Manager Serkan Özerbay, "Wings for Life World Run and last year's Ford Team as the most populous in Turkey, the world is 3. When joining a large team of the world's most We became the 2nd fundraising team. Together with our employees, dealers and suppliers, we form a team spirit and run for the same purpose. We are proud to be the main sponsor of this valuable organization for 4 years with its concept, which is the first and only in the world. We aim to break our own record in terms of running team and donation. Sharing this pride with us and saying 'My hand is your hand & rsq uo; We are waiting for everyone to Izmir on May 5 to say. In social media, “Why Are You Running? He stated that support can also be given with the sickness "My Hand Is Your Hand".

World Gymnastics Champion Ayse Begum Onbasi, who says that she is one of the most important races of the world, said: g It is very nice to be a part of this race. We will have one goal, one to create awareness. The more crowded the better. You can hope for Wings For life siniz.

About Wings for Life World Run: The names participating in the Wings for Life World Run are not only involved in a private sports organization, but also support the Wings for Life Foundation, which funds research to find solutions to spinal cord injuries. 100 percent of the participation fees for the Wings for Life World Run are used for life-saving spinal cord research and clinical trials. The Wings for Life Foundation, a non-profit organization, aims to find a definitive cure for spinal cord paralysis with its activities and donations. These revenues provide substantial funding for research into the treatment of spinal cord injuries around the world.

In Wings for Life World Run, where there is no fixed finish line, the Ford Kuga catches the for Capture Tool ıları. The race ends when Ford Kuga crosses the last contestant. With the help of the Global Race Control technology, drivers are accelerated at exactly the same time in all countries where the race takes place.

When the Ford Kuga capture vehicle passes by the runner, the race is over for that runner. Wings for Life World Run in Turkey for Ford Kuga 2019 2017 to capture the vehicle's steering wheel as well as the European Cup five times Rally Turkey Rally Champion Red Bull athlete who will now swarthy hunter. Hunter will use thousands of people in front of the Capture Tool to motivate them to run farther. He had used the catch in the world with famous pilots such as David Coulthard, Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz.

Records of thousands of people participating in the race www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/t is continues from.

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