16th Logistics Summit was Held at IU Faculty of Transport and Logistics

Logistics summit was held at the iu transportation and logistics faculty
Logistics summit was held at the iu transportation and logistics faculty

The competition in the logistics sector is taken over by 16. In the Logistics Summit, the advantages of innovation and blockchain applications that will determine the future of the logistics sector and the advantages that will be offered in the competition were discussed.

16, which is organized by Istanbul University Logistics Club and is the main sponsor of UND. Logistics Summit, 25 was held in April at the Istanbul University Faculty of Transport and Logistics Auditorium. In the logistics sector, industry experts discussed the competition, innovation and blockchain issues.

Istanbul University Logistics Club President Cahit Kucuk, asked the companies to act together with the logistics students and said, hareket We will continue to organize summits and events with your support as a club. Açılış

Dean of the Faculty of Transportation and Logistics at Istanbul University Dr. Abdullah Okumuş also emphasized that the place of information technologies in the logistics sector is very important and told that there is a continuous innovation in the sector. I Speed ​​is also challenging global competition, Ok he said. Companies need to be flexible and dynamic, smart and digital solutions. Digitalization offers new opportunities. Blockchain offers a few of these opportunities, Block he said.

After the opening speeches were passed to the panels. The first panel on Yardım Competition in the Logistics Sector ve was moderated by Assoc. Dr. Ebru Demirci made it. As a speaker in the panel; Sertrans CEO Nilgün Keleş, Turkish Cargo Marketing President Fatih Çiğal, Hepsiexpress General Manager Umut Aytekin and DSV Air Cargo Manager Serkan Vardar took part.

Vardar: We are competing by road in Chinese transports
DSV Air Cargo Manager Serkan Vardar, in his speech, said that the competition in the sector is a big competition, terek In air cargo, if we bring a new cargo from different airports in DSV, it is not important because everyone can do it. However, if we take a cargo in the evening at 20.00 and give it on a night flight, we bring it to Istanbul and make it clear and deliver it to Bursa at noon. If we can create an awareness in our work, we can step forward in our competitors. DSV is doing air cargo business and we have a high sense of freight related to our work. We are also competing by road as airline. Truck with cargo coming from China to Kazakhstan, the vehicle alternately brought to Turkey from there freight is reduced significantly. We always say we are racing in Europe by road; now we are racing by road in Chinese transports. artık

Keles: The real issue is how to ensure sustainable competition?

Sertrans CEO Nilgün Keleş pointed out the great change and transformation in the world. Keleş said that if this transformation is not done correctly, firms will lose their competition. Ini The important issue is how to realize sustainable growth and sustainable competition. At this point, it is very important for our country to have a logistics master plan. The plan of how much share we will receive from the world logistics cake. All institutions and private institutions have to work together. There should also be an education policy. Bir

Keles said that competition in the sector was not done correctly, Kel To give the cheapest price is not to compete. Managing the cost of competition, managing customer satisfaction. No one will come and work with you because you have your warehouse, your plane, your tractor, Dep he said.

Çiğal: We paved the way for competition
Fatih Çiğal, Head of Turkish Cargo Marketing, said that competition is constantly growing. Çiğal said, imizi While competing in the global segment, we learned to highlight our pros and close the cons. First we started the passenger flights and brought our people to different geographies, then we started the cargo transportation when our people did work here. We opened the way for our people to make business in the global world, Bu he said.

Stating that Istanbul is the city with the strongest international air connection, Çigal said, UM 80-90 from Germany can reach the country and you can reach 124 country from Istanbul. This is our most important advantage as a country. Competitive environment is also very important. With the new airport and the changes in the legal infrastructure, the existence of different companies has created a beautiful competition environment. After that, we will use the infrastructure to move it to a sufficient level. Yeterli

Aytekin: E-commerce is growing fast
Hepsiexpress General Manager Umut Aytekin pointed out the rapid growth in e-commerce: The percentage of products sold in e-commerce has reached 40. In developed countries, this ratio is around 5. So there are more ways to go. The aim of Hepsiexpress is to increase the competitiveness of our company. We are looking at what our customers want in e-commerce. Continuous requests of customers are increasing, we started to respond to this need. Üş

Alperer: Competitive in quality service
BDP International Turkey Sea Freight Manager Murat Alper, technology, knowledge and gave a speech pointing to the importance of human resources. . In the logistics sector, we wish to compete in price, cost and service. In the world of information transparency, the costs of firms in equal terms, supplier relations, purchasing powers are almost the same. The competition in price does not yield a return in the medium and long term. The important thing is competition in the service. It is not important to have big facilities, it is important to continue on the road with qualified people with the right people. Büyük

Applications on the Transport Innovation and Blockcha Blockcha second session was moderated by the Director of Turkey has made big Berk. The panel; UND Executive Board Member Alpdoğan Kahraman, Director of Deloitte Alper Günaydın, Güler Dinamik Customs Consultancy A. Ş. Chairman of the Board Kenan Guler and Medlife Software Engineer Serkan Alacam.

Blockcha Director Berke in Turkey Kocaman said that a system for creating a data source without Blockchain center. Huge, the system has the biggest financial crisis in history after the 2008 year, which gave the impression that emerged.

Deloitte Director Alper Günaydın pointed out that Blockchain changed the entire system. Ch Blockchain provides traceability. Wallmart says that he wants to prove to the consumer where his products come from, and he adapts his logistics steps to Blockchain and all processes are seen by the consumer. Wall

Güler Dynamics Customs Consultancy A. Ş. Chairman of the Board Kenan Güler explained the innovations and advantages that Blocakchain brought. Güler says, ve Blockchain brings holistic approach and solution. The integrated cross-border supply chain ensures compliance with commercial legislation, paperless full digital commerce, transparency and traceability, counterfeiting and fraud prevention, performance and risk management. Entegre

Hero: Good planning and right solution needed
UND's Executive Board Member Alpdoğan Kahraman also painted the sector and explained the current situation and gave some clues about the future. Alpdoğan Kahraman, which divides the sector into a circle of 3, described the internal structure of the sector in the first circle: 2 comes from Istanbul and then Mersin and Hatay. One percent of our transporters have R & D units. The percentage of companies that do not speak foreign languages ​​is around 400. A logistics organization operating in the sector has to make good planning, it has to follow well and it needs to produce a continuous solution. We do these things, but our competitors are doing the same thing. Biz

The hero stated that the second part of the circle was related to the internal structure of the country. “5 has to deal with separate agencies to do their job. In order to carry a burden, you work with units affiliated to different ministries such as customs, security and agriculture. This slows the pace of trade. The WTO has a trade facilitation agreement, which includes pre-notification to the border when goods start to move. The realization of the transportation will increase trade. Taş

The hero stated that the last circle was related to the countries and firms and emphasized the importance of the joint action of companies and companies.

In his speech, Medlife Software Engineer Serkan Alaçam said that 770 is a thousand transportation company in the USA and that 90 is less than 6 truck. Boş 95 has more trucks than 20, kamyon says Alaçam. The same rate is given in Europe. More than half of 30 percent is empty. We were interested in Blockchain technology while we were thinking about how to solve this. We can solve all these inefficiencies with Blockchain Block.

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