Accident at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul airport accident
Istanbul airport accident

📩 23/05/2019 12:01

The wing of the Boeing 737 aircraft named Sümela, owned by Turkish Airlines, hit the mast during the taxi and the 8.45 Ankara flight was canceled.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 08.45- (777) type aircraft, which will make the 300 Istanbul -Ankara Airport flight at Istanbul Airport, hit its wing before the F6 junction during the "taxi" before departure.

The accident in question was due to the traffic in that direction while the Boeing 737 type "heavy" type aircraft was to be directed to the G11 line over T4, and the right wing of the plane hit the lighting pole before the F12 junction by the controller. it is experienced.

While no passengers were injured in the accident, the plane was pulled into the 316 parking position with the Push back vehicle, and all passengers had to travel with another plane.

The necessary investigation was initiated about the accident.

Istanbul airport accident
Istanbul airport accident

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