Istanbul Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Ticket and Travel Time

istanbul eskisehir speed train ticket fee and journey time
istanbul eskisehir speed train ticket fee and journey time

📩 09/04/2023 18:26

Istanbul Eskisehir high speed train ticket fare how much TCDD has published the latest price list. How long does it take to get to İstanbul Eskişehir high speed train?

Eskişehir Istanbul high speed train takes many hours, Istanbul Eskişehir high speed train stops how many stops there are in our news. ​​YHT high speed train ticket prices published the current list. A passenger who will go to Eskişehir by high-speed train as a high-speed train ticket fee. 46 TL pay. The fast train from Istanbul to Eskisehir is takes about 3 hours. The first time for the Istanbul-Eskişehir high speed train, which is made 10 times a day, starts from Pendik at 06:01 and the last time ends at 18:01. The average journey time is 2 h 54 min.

The fastest and safest way to get between Istanbul and Eskişehir is passing by a fast train. So how much is Eskişehir-Istanbul high-speed train tickets, is it possible to buy Eskişehir high-speed train tickets online? All the details of Eskişehir Istanbul high speed train stops.

Eskişehir bozüyük Bilecik Courthouse Izmit Gebze Pendik
07:40 07:58 08:19 09:03 09:26 09:58 10:15
08:34 08:52 09:14 09:59 10:22 10:54 11:11
09:48 - - 11:05 11:28 12:00 12:17
11:39 11:57 12:18 - 13:24 13:56 14:13
13:20 - - 14:37 15:00 15:32 15:49
14:29 14:47 15:09 15:54 16:17 16:30 16:49
15:57 - - 17:35 18:07 18:23
18:25 18:43 19:04 19:48 20:11 20:43 21:00
19:35 19:53 20:14 20:58 21:21 21:53 22:10


Passengers who want to travel from Istanbul to Eskisehir by high-speed train will pay 195 lira as ticket fare. The first time for the Istanbul-Eskişehir high-speed train, where 10 runs daily, starts at Pendik's 06: 01 and the last time ends at 18: 01. The average journey duration is 2 h 54 min.

Istanbul (Pendik) and arriving at to the station of İzmit YHT.


High-speed trains operating between Istanbul Eskişehir and Ankara are as follows;

  • Pendik
  • Gebze
  • İzmit
  • Arifiye
  • Bilecik
  • bozüyük
  • Eskişehir
  • Polatli
  • Xinjiang
  • Ankara

One of the issues that should not be forgotten is that the YHT, the high speed train timetables are changed according to the summer and winter periods. Before purchasing your ticket, please check the current, timetable timetable.


If you want to buy TRENKART, you can do this from many toll shops in the list published by TCDD, you can do member registration and package transactions.

Map of TCDD High Speed ​​Train

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