Intensive Care for Pavements and Intersections in Başkent

intense care
intense care

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work continuously to make the capital more livable.

The teams affiliated to the Department of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality continue the intersection, pedestrian pavement and maintenance-repair works that affect the transportation, safety and aesthetics of the city.


Metropolitan Municipality, within the framework of business planning in 2019 year after the harsh winter conditions, the capital, the four points of the determined points; to protect the life of citizens, to provide aesthetics to the city to perform pavements and maintenance repair work.

In addition to maintenance and repair work, intersection works also focused on many avenues and boulevards in the central and surrounding districts.


With the arrival of the summer months, asphalt pavement construction and maintenance and repair department teams speed up, as well as the points identified in need, as well as the demands of the citizens are doing their work.


Within the scope of these works, the teams also provide “Visually impaired trail paths” that will enable individuals with visual impairments to walk comfortably and safely in the city.

In 2019, officials from the Department of Science Affairs stated that about 28 thousand meters long 80 thousand square meters sidewalk and 6 thousand meters middle refugees were laid concrete barrier.

Outside of business planning, the new working points can be changed daily, officials emphasized that they continue to work on the pavement in many points in order to make the city ready for pedestrian and vehicle traffic in every season.


Yenimahalle 2113 within the scope of the works carried out by Science Works teams. Street, Etimesgut Kuzupinari Street, Yenikent Vural Baylan Boulevard and Etimesgut Marble Street Avenue. The work on the stone flooring of the Hamza Mosque was completed.

The pavement working points planned to be constructed at various points in Ankara will be as follows:

Altındağ: Şehit Gazeteci writer Street, Yıldız Street, 1131. Street

Mamak: 846. Street

Bar: Rod Fire Department Environmental Arrangement

Yenimahalle: Yakacık Boulevard, Yakacık Cemetery

Çankaya: Celal Bayar Boulevard, Ziya Oralay Street, Dikmen Street, Şemsettin Günaltay Street, 3061. Street, Dumlupınar Boulevard, Ministry of Health METU TÜHacettepe Connection Road, 298. Street, 2432. Street,

  1. Street, Beytepe Village Road, Yuksel Street, Sakarya Street,

Kecioren: 949. Street, Pasinler Street,

Etimesgut: Eryaman 3. Street, pedestrian crossing in front of Luxe Houses in the lake, Dil Devrimi Caddesi - Akıncı Street (2.

Gölbaşı: Başlar Street, Turhan Street

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