2 Million Waste Collected with IMM's Smart Recycling Container

ibbnin gathered million litter with smart recycle container
ibbnin gathered million litter with smart recycle container

2 million 180 thousand 835 pieces of waste have been collected so far with the Smart Recycling Container, which was implemented last year within the scope of the "Zero Waste" vision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Istanbulites waste their waste; He added a total of 100 TL to his Istanbulkart by adding 95 smart containers placed in metro stations, schools and hospitals. recycling of waste kazanApproximately 250 thousand kilograms of carbon emissions were prevented.

The environmentally friendly practices implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of its “Zero Waste” vision are bearing fruit. With the investments made in 25 years, it removes the mountains of garbage, builds modern waste collection facilities, separates the wastes collected in the facilities according to their quality and returns them as raw materials. kazanIMM, which transforms the landfill gas, which consists of wastes accumulated in diran, landfills, into energy equivalent to the daily electricity needs of 1.2 million people, provides both Istanbul residents and the environment with its "Smart Recycling Container". kazanyelling.

The Smart Recycling Container, developed by İBB subsidiary İSBAK, was put into practice in 2018. The scope of the application, which started with 3 containers as a pilot, was expanded over time. Smart containers were placed at a total of 95 different points, including 3 primary schools, 2 metro stations and 100 hospitals. With the placement of the smart container mainly in primary schools, the environmental awareness of our children, who are our future, at a young age. kazanIt was aimed to instill this awareness in their environment.

A total of 100 million 18 thousand 2018 wastes, including 23 million 2019 thousand 1 pet and 897 thousand 487 aluminum waste, were collected from 283 September 348 to 2 May 180 with 835 smart containers active throughout Istanbul. Thus, 250 thousand kilograms of carbon emissions were prevented. Most of these plastic bottles, which weigh about 42 tons, are recycled by children in schools. kazanyelled. Wastes received by İSTAÇ, a subsidiary of İBB, are returned as raw materials. kazanIt is delivered to companies for imitation.

İstanbullular waste to the smart container by throwing 95 thousand 682,54 TL in Istanbulkarti total. 0,33 penny for 10 liter pet bottle for 2 gram pet bottle, 0,5 for 3 liter pet bottle for 1 liter pet bottle, 32 for 6 gram pet bottle and 1,5 for 9 liter pet bottle. Liter 0,33 12 7 penny grams aluminum metal box, metal box for the 0,5 9 liter aluminum cent loading.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues its environment-friendly investments in order to make Istanbul more beautiful within the scope of its İstanbul Zero Waste dostu vision with its subsidiaries and affiliates.

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