Demolition of Hamza Yanilmaz-Katlu Junction

the demolition of the hamza invincible massacre will be determined by popular vote
the demolition of the hamza invincible massacre will be determined by popular vote

Hamza Yanilmaz Katlı Junction of the upper part of the collapse of the top not be insensitive to the demands of the Mayor of Elazığ Sahin Şerifoğulları, the top of the intersection of the demolition of the People's Democracy decided to be demolished.

In the written statement made by Elazig Municipality on the subject; “Public Voting for tradesmen and citizens will be held in Rüstempaşa and Mustafapaşa Neighborhoods upon the instruction of our Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları about whether the upper part of the Hamza Yanilmazli Multi-Storey Junction was completed in 2018. The People's Vote, which was decided to be made as a result of the demand of the bridge from tradesmen and citizens during the visits made by our Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları to the region where the junction is located, will be held between 22-23-24 May. For voting, a ballot box will be established at two points of the intersection and voting will be held between 09.00-16.00. It will be decided according to the voting result whether the overpass that includes Ali Rıza Septioğlu Boulevard, Adnan Orakçıoğlu Street and Sheikh Şamil Boulevard will be demolished ”.

The following statements were included in the ballot paper titled “We Manage Our City Together” and includes YES-NO sections: “The opinion of our people will be an important guide for us in every study we make on this path with the slogan Gönül Municipality. In this direction; Your opinion on the removal of the bridge part of the Hamza Yanilmazli Multi-Storey Junction, which was put into service in 2018 in the Rüstempaşa District, is important for Elazig Municipality. We believe that you have a say in every service you receive, and we hope that the outcome of the voting will be beneficial to our tradesmen and citizens.

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