Çorlu Train Disaster is in progress for families

for families of the tragedy of justice
for families of the tragedy of justice

Relatives of those who lost their lives in a train accident in Çorlu, who started the trial of justice for the people who died in Uzunköprü'da made the death.

Justice and the press statement in front of the justice statue in Uzunköprü courthouse, political party representatives, lawyers from the Tekirdag Bar Association and the people of Unukopru gave support.

Attorneys attending the guard of justice, gave information about the progress of the case. Families who lost their relatives in the train massacre told about their feelings and thoughts. On the watch where emotional moments were experienced, a press statement was made on behalf of the families.

Yüzlerce About ten months ago, our mother, our father, our wife, our children, our brothers died on the state railways, staying under the state train, and hundreds of us were injured. They said my hand was an accident. During the ten months of our voice without judging the judges, prosecutors, experts, we hoped, the pain to lighten a little bit to let, so that such massacres again, the criminals to be revealed.

At the end of ten months, the public prosecutor found the board member of one of the companies responsible for this massacre and the consultant of one of the companies in which the investigation was conducted as an expert witness. These experts also showed four people who had little tasks, the 25 responsible for the life, and asked us to accept it. They said we are investigating the authorities separately.

At the end of ten months, they looked into our eyes and lied to us. They have no authority to investigate, nor do they have any trouble revealing the real criminals.

As families who have lost their lives in this case, we say enough. We've got a lot of tricks and tricks. Many people, including the Minister of Transport, TCDD General Manager, bureaucrats and senior managers, are responsible. Until the real responsible are found, we will expose this injustice to the criminals in the courthouses, on the streets, in the squares, wherever we are able to speak. We will not allow this lawlessness. We know that millions of people who do not accept this injustice are with us.

We know that this injustice and nepotism makes you as angry as we are. Our pains brought us together. Not sorrow with you, for solidarity, for safe railways, for a just country, we want to come together for a better Turkey. We want you all to give voice to our voice, to support you everywhere and in every way, to give voice. We know that only real criminals will be exposed in this way. Gerçek

After the press release, families left the carnations in the Statue of Justice. (Çorlu /UNIVERSAL)

Günceleme: 11/05/2019 13:09

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