Visual attention draws attention to pedestrian priority in Eskişehir

Yaya Onceligine in Eskisehir Gorseller with attention
Yaya Onceligine in Eskisehir Gorseller with attention

Traffic Branch Office of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Directorate started painting operations with the slogan 'First Pedestrian' at many points of the city in order to ensure safer passage of pedestrians across the street.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work for the creation of pedestrian priority awareness in traffic, continues its awareness works in order to make pedestrian paths more safely used by citizens and to make drivers aware of the pedestrian paths in advance. Within this scope, the 'First Pedestrian' visuals prepared by the Ministry of Interior began to take their places in front of the pedestrian and school crossings where there is no traffic lights in the city.

Traffic Branch Office officials warned the drivers about the distance and city speed limit and stated that they are trying to create awareness of pedestrian priority in traffic with visuals.

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