Ramadan Regulation for Public Transportation Hours in Erzurum

erzurumda mass transit hours ramadan arrangement
erzurumda mass transit hours ramadan arrangement

In Erzurum, during the month of Ramadan, the last time in public transportation was organized.

Due to the month of Ramadan in the urban public transportation lines, the last time was organized by taking into consideration the time spent by the citizens before the day, in the activities of tarawih, Ramadan, social activities and shopping. According to this, the last time in G7, B2, B3, G4 and G5 lines was arranged as 24: 00 on 1: 1, B9, G7, G23, G30A lines.

For detailed information about the time of the last voyages on all other lines, the authorities can contact the Metropolitan Municipality of www.erzurum.bel.t is Citizens from web pages can benefit from reported. On the other hand, in the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum, 6 will continue until the first day of Ramadan Feast, which will take place on May, May 2015. During the month of Ramadan for the information and notice of the Satellite Tracking Center (0442) 344 16 25 0442 344 16 19 can be searched.

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