Flood Occurred in Erzincan Canceled Train Flights

floods in Erzincan canceled trains
floods in Erzincan canceled trains

As a result of the overflow of the Karasu River near the Kargın Town of Tercan in Erzincan, agricultural lands, E-80 Highway and train roads were flooded.

Flooding occurred in the Karasu River, the water level of which rose due to the heavy precipitation and melting snow, which was effective in Erzincan. As a result of prolonged rains, the flood, which was effective in the stream beds on the flow of water, caused floods in some regions in the Karasu River.

Ali Arslantaş, the Governor of Erzincan, who examined the Kargın district and the Yollarüstü village in which the floods were experienced, emphasized that it was pleasing that there was no loss of life in the floods. . There is an extreme rainfall for about a week. Floods occurred as a result of the melting of snow with these precipitation. Yolarüstü village of Kargın district of Tercan district and all the farmland of the town are flooded. In some places, measures are taken at the points where the water starts to take effect.

Raisin township Balaban, Sarikaya village located in the landslide of the gendarmes who came so far to traverse laid under the railway line, the state of the Republic of Turkey State Railways to avoid any disruption in train service (TCDD) was reported to the authorities. As a result of the examinations carried out by the Mercan Road Maintenance Supervisors of the TCDD coming to the region, the train services were closed in two ways to prevent any risk. Train passengers were transferred from Erzincan to Erzurum by bus. From there, they continued their train again. It is predicted that these rains have reached a high level as of yesterday and that more water levels will not rise.

The train line will be repaired by Erzincan State Railways Traffic Control teams and the train services will be restarted.

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