Dubai-Yenisehir Aircraft Launches First Step

dubai yenisehir first flight in Turkey
dubai yenisehir first flight in Turkey

Although or Some people do not like, but Bursa tourism, Arab tourists are standing. Moreover, the number of Arab tourists in recent years has brought about the revival of shopping centers.
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The tourist tourism in Bursa showed great interest in the tourism fair in Dubai. While most of the hotels in Bursa opened the booth at the fair and made connections, it came to our attention that the hotel did not reach its target.
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The contacts made in Dubai gave hope to Bursa tourism.
Both the Consulate General of Turkey, the need for mutual trips of tourism in Dubai as tourists from Dubai, Arab environment where they even spoke of Yenişehir.
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While Dubai's local airline company has a positive approach, the tourists from Bursa are preparing to move to the THY agenda with the support of the political authority.
The hopes of the AK Party Bursa deputy Dr. Mustafa Esgin. (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)

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