Diyarbakır Logistics Village Promotion Meeting Held

diyarbakir logistics meeting was held
diyarbakir logistics meeting was held

A 'Diyarbakır Logistics Village' introductory meeting was held in Diyarbakır, the construction work of which is continuing and will contribute to the economy and employment of the province.

Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, the Governor of Diyarbakır met with the representatives of the leading firms of our country in the logistics sector, Chamber and Exchange Chairman and Board Members, public institution directors and members of the press.

The meeting, which started with two short promotional films describing the history and investment opportunities of Diyarbakır, was the General Secretary of Karacadağ Development Agency. Hasan Maral continued with his presentation.

Speaking to the participants at the introductory meeting, Governor Güzeloğlu said, “We have seen that Diyarbakır has a well-known great history, richness of logistics and strategic location, the dominant determinant in every period of history, and places that will affect its success primarily in the fields of management, trade, tourism, art and culture. This is a goal that can use the common mind to make it sustainable, with this accumulation of the past and the power it has taken from the Diyarbakır past.

Diyarbakir, the most powerful depth in the country and in the southeast and connected to the dynamic area beyond the opening of the foreign trade gate, indicating that the governor of the Governor Güzeloğlu, Diyarbakir today is a network that identifies and directs almost all of the surrounding cities in the economic and social sense, he said.

Establishment of our Organized Industrial Zone in a very efficient time in a very short time is very important in terms of providing the infrastructure of logistics and meeting all expectations. kazanthey have had.

In this regard, the historical and very critical period of Diyarbakır played a role in this regard, as foreign trade in the program of our government was particularly prominent, and concentrated in trade with our neighbors. Today logistics park we share with you all meet these expectations, just Diyarbakir centered not a logistics concept and infrastructure of Diyarbakır public now regional scale Diyarbakir, Turkey, the Middle East, Asia, and as a center to provide the meeting with the continuing world Saying that it is thought, Mr. Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu said, “We know that we have the infrastructure to provide and realize this. In particular, it is our aim to train the project in our meeting today, to ensure that the project is sustainable and under the title, with a mission that can meet all of the expectations in the process. ”

Governor Guzeloglu said that Diyarbakir's 'Logistics Village', which is a meeting center connected to three transportation axes, will shape the development of production factors and areas in the city infrastructure of Diyarbakir, the development of industry, and accordingly the development and development expectation of Diyarbakir, at the end of his speech. “We believe and know that the correct management of this wealth and wealth is a very important factor not only for Diyarbakır but also for our country and region. kazanLogistics In the new period, production will be a center that is both costly and decisive in terms of the market. Together with the support provided and offered, especially logistics and the additional support we will receive, undoubtedly, at this point, we have defined the Logistics area allocation, which is not only in Diyarbakır but a regional-scale development and permanent project, and when we think about it, we have provided a sufficient area. But it has to be the product of a common mind and effort, one step further.”

Following the speech, the meeting continued with Logistics Village Consultant Atilla Yıldıztekin's Logistics Village.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the leading logistics companies of our country expressed their opinions on 'Diyarbakır Logistics Village'.

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