58 Reigns After Years of Revolution

after the year behind the wheel of the revolution
after the year behind the wheel of the revolution

Steering 58 years after the Revolution again Passed: Turkey's first indigenous car 'machine engineer involved in the construction team Secaattin Sevgen Revolution, visited the museum TULOMSAS. Years later he had the excitement of sitting in the seat of the historic car,

Secaattin Sevgen: 'although it does not continue vehicle production for the first time in Turkey I'm happy that we succeeded.' The machine engineer Şecaattin Sevgen, who was involved in the production of the revolution car, experienced the excitement of re-passing 58 year after the wheel of his automobile produced by the order of President Cemal Gürsel. Turkey's first domestic automaker to "Revolution", Eskişehir Railway factories in which they are manufactured from 1961 years continues to be the focus of attention today a new exhibition at the museum was visited by 170 thousand people. Sevgen, along with TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı, visited the museum where various parts and materials were used during the construction of the Revolution, and during his presentation, a young engineer re-sat into the seat of the car he was driving. Some citizens came to visit the Revolutionary car, the feelings of emotion can not be heard by the tears Sevgen to compete with each other to compete with each other.

TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Avcı gave Şecaattin Sevgen a model of the Revolution car in memory of the day. Sevgen, Turkey's first indigenous car "revolution" by specifying how happy she was taking place in the in the construction of the engine and transmission team, said: "Eskişehir Railway Factories of President Cemal Gürsel's instructions produced by Revolution no work after the car of a series of Republic Day on producing ceremony It was done. Will a business continue after it has not been claimed? It does not. At first Cemal Gursel offended, 'Why do you spend so much money?' they asked. 800-900 thousand pounds for the money that the man was so upset that he did not talk again. Until 1978, we did not talk about the Revolution because of some kind of reaction and resentment among all the friends involved in the project.

Cemal Pasha collided with the world to build this car. I'm glad we achieved a first in Turkey to not intend to maintain production of the vehicle. "The museum where the Revolution automobile, future referral, indicating that an important work for posterity," you did not intend a topic, you can not do anything after you fall on, but to do a job, if you will, will not be you do things. locomotives produced in recent years by TÜLOMSAŞ, continues to be a source of pride for Turkey. I would like to thank those who have contributed.

The Story of the Revolution

4 N Revolution ilen car produced by order of President Cemal Gürsel at Eskişehir Railway Factories was taken to Ankara by train in 1961. According to the railway laws, the fuel is put into the tank for a little time. After that, the train was brought from Ankara to Eskişehir by train and used for a while in the factory.

0002 chassis and 0002 engine numbered Revolution displayed in TÜLOMSAŞ were produced in 4,5 month with the exception of tires and front and rear windows. The long and short headlamps, foot-operated, the ignition key and the manual can be operated in the Revolution, with these features is remarkable. With a weight of one thousand 250 kilograms and a maximum 140 speedometer per hour, the Revolution is not fitted with gasoline for safety reasons, and the car battery is disassembled.

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  1. who worked in the national and domestic revolution autodmobiles at low cost and in a short time in the conditions of that time.