TCDD Wind in the City of Railroads

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Contact Ali directly

In the May issue of Raillife magazine, the article titled der TCDD Wind in the City of Railroads Müdür was published by Ali İhsan Uygun, the General Director of TCDD.


It is held every two years and is the world's largest 3. , Eurasia Rail Rail, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair,, which is the first rail exhibition, was held in Izmir for the first time. As the pioneer and national corporation of the railway sector in our country, the fair which we give great support to with our Subsidiaries and affiliate companies, has a meaning in terms of our country and railways.

Izmir is the pearl of the Aegean, where the first bullet was thrown into the enemy, the last enemy was poured into the sea, the flowers blossomed in its mountains, and it added beauty to its beauty. It is our ancient city where 162 years of railways began to be written.

We were very pleased with the interest of local and foreign companies and the increase in the number of our domestic companies in the fair we realized with the theme uk İzmir, the City of the Railroad ın. We have hosted important domestic and foreign guests at TCDD stand. The panels, which were held during the fair and attended by the managers and academicians of the leading companies in our sector, benefited greatly in sharing the experiences and the technologies accessed.

Unlike previous years, we enriched this year's Eurasia Rail fair with our other events. While we were opening the "Solar Power Plant" in our Selçuk district, we started the trial operation of the "Domestic Signaling System", the installation of which was completed at our Çamlık station. The “Pianist Tuluyhan Uğurlu Concert” held in the authentic setting of the historical Alsancak Train Station, the “TCDD Turkish Folk Music Choir Concert” in our Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum and the “Steam Train Nostalgia” between Selçuk-Çamlık were greatly appreciated by the guests. kazanwas. While we continue our railway projects that will carry our country to the future without slowing down, our social and cultural activities will also continue.

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