Children Going to School by Bicycle in Bilecik

children go on school by bicycle
children go on school by bicycle

In Bilecik, a group of students went to their schools by bicycle once again to raise awareness about the use of bicycles.

Bilecik Municipality, Turkey Healthy Cities Association and Bicyclists Association Bilecik Representative initiated in the last year in cooperation with "Come on kids bike to school" met in front of the Directorate of activity covered by the students of Youth and Sports Provincial and Dursun Fakih Imam They provide transportation by bicycle to Preacher Middle School.

As the Healthy Cities Association, the children went to their school by bicycle in the bir Come on Children Bike Through School ın event to address the importance of cycling in urban transportation, to spread the awareness that cycling is an effective means of transportation and to encourage the use of bicycles.

To the organized event; Healthy Cities Union Coordinator Hülya Eçen Çalışkan, Cyclists Association Bilecik Representative Hakan Yavuz, Dursun Fakih İmam Hatip Secondary School Director Sabri Turhan, teachers and students with bicycles participated.

Giving information about the activity before the program, Healthy Cities Association Coordinator Hülya Eçen Çalışkan gave information about the project, Bicycle Association's Bilecik Representative Hakan Yavuz told the students the benefits of bicycle use and the rules to be followed in traffic.

Bilecik Municipality, Turkey Healthy Cities Association and hardworking Bicyclists Association Bilecik Representation of cooperation in beautiful and meaningful work of the Healthy Cities Association noted that they exhibit Coordinator Hülya EC, "Today, with our children, 'Come Kids Biking to School' 'We came together for the event. Turkey Healthy Cities Association is a member organization of the World Health Organization. As Bilecik Municipality, we are a member of the Healthy Cities Association and strive to contribute with beautiful projects. Today we go to school where we organize the 4. We want to raise awareness of our children on the issues of mobile and healthy life. We are organizing our activity again in cooperation with the Association of Cyclists in Bilecik.

Bilecik Representative of the Association of Cyclists Hakan Yavuz stated that the children in our city want to contribute to the traffic life. Ist Last year, the 32 page included the activities we made in the book Bisiklet Healthy Cities Association Bisiklet. For our country, healthy living and traffic has created a source of relief. In this sense, Bilecik became a province. We've been awarded before. We thank the municipality and the Healthy Cities Association officials, '' he said.

In the event that brochures were distributed with the use of bicycle and traffic rules, Association Representative Hakan Yavuz told the students about the use of bicycles and the rules and then the students reached the schools by bicycle.

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