CHP's Emre brought the grievance of the Köprü penalty to the agenda of the parliament


CHP deputy Zeynel Emre, '2. the class asked car owners 'owners of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, regarding the administrative fines imposed on the passage of the 15 July Martyrs' Bridge.

CHP Emre, Minister Turhan, the request of the Parliamentary Assembly to answer the question in the justification of the 15 million and more than 2018 3 571 15 thousand registered vehicles with the number of registered vehicles in Istanbul, one of the most important issues to remind the citizens of the traffic regulations, informing the pointed out its importance. Emphasizing that the lack of adequate and accurate information will lead to individual victimization, and will cause disruption in the social order of the city, the regulation introduced since the beginning of 2019 for XNUMX July Martyrs Bridge transitions has caused serious grievances for the citizens.


The statement said:
"As is known, 31 March local elections to gidilirken, 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet related to the bridge from forbidden transitions due to cut administrative fines Turkey issued a regulation on amnesty phenomenon in the last days of the year 2018 the Grand National Assembly; after this arrangement, new applications were made at 1 January 2019 for bridge crossings. 15 From the July Martyrs' Bridge, the passage of light commercial vehicles above the axis range 3,2 was forbidden, and in the event of a breach of the prohibition, an administrative fine of 1.132,00 TL was foreseen for each pass to the vehicle owners. The citizens of this regulation are unfortunately not sufficiently informed, and after the 1 January 2019 date, a large number of our citizens have faced administrative fines again. Due to the fact that the administrative fines for the prohibited transition were notified several months later and there were many violations in this period, some of our citizens had to pay an administrative fine up to 70-80 thousand liras. Yas


Emre, the CHP, gave the following questions in his motion:

* 15 from the July Martyrs' Bridge, 2. Is it true that the class vehicle and the penalties imposed on 'lorry' or 'automobile' in the license are communicated late?

* Is there a regulation to eliminate the grievances of the citizens who face the penalty?

* What are the measures foreseen by your Ministry so that citizens are informed beforehand in order to avoid similar situations?


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