BURULAŞ Bursaspor Explained!

buruzpor from bursaspor
buruzpor from bursaspor

An explanation came from BURULAŞ to the news that Bursa buses and Bursaspor scarves and flags were asked to be removed.

Statement made by BURULAŞ: “We are sadly observing that the news that BURULAŞ has been warning the drivers for a while due to Bursaspor scarves and flags, and that they will punish them, are unfounded and do not reflect the truth. We would like to underline that BURULAŞ, which has been a breast sponsor for Bursaspor with the BUDO brand, does not have such an application and warning towards its drivers.

BURULAŞ is mentioned in the contract as various accessories in all public transportation vehicles that it carries out both with itself and with the subcontractor; colorful interior lighting, trinkets, swinging ornaments, radio or special sound system, interior view camera, air horn, modified exhaust, gear knob. We would like to thank all the public and our stakeholders for their understanding and support.

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