Financing of Bursa's Emergency Transportation Projects from the Ministry

Financing of urgent transportation projects
Financing of urgent transportation projects

Alinur Aktaş, who was sitting in the seat of the Metropolitan Municipality again in the local elections, rolled up his sleeves about the new period projects, which he set the main theme with the 'Bursa Tasavvuru' and announced to the public with a rather flashy presentation during the campaign period.

An important source of finance is needed to realize these investments. This is to increase the share of the municipality from the treasury and to realize the important projects with the budget of the ministries.

The 28th Consultation and Evaluation meetings held in Kızılcahamam, where local election results were evaluated, provided great opportunities for Aktaş. During the campaign period, Aktaş had received support from President Erdogan, who had made over 10 telephone calls both at the Bursa rally.

In Kızılcahamam, he talked to President Erdoğan, whom he met with the cabinet of ministers for one and a half hours, and for 3 hours, he explained the projects one by one and conveyed what support he expected from which ministry. President Erdoğan even instructed the relevant ministers during the meeting.

Aktaş, the guest of the Sonmez Media Meetings held at Baia Hotel, explained his projects in order of priority with the morale of the support he received from the President himself.

The 'Bursa Projects' booklet in the campaign period was again in front of it. He said that he will realize the projects here as short, medium and long term.

The date it envisages for short-term projects is December 31, 2020. That is the 21-month period after the election ends. A month has passed ...

Projects that Aktaş includes in the short term; Novices and New Courthouses, extension of the Burs Bursaray line to the City Hospital, project change in the Central Garage area of ​​the T2 line between Kent Square and the Terminal.

It was also understood at the meeting in Merinos Gölpark that Aktaş said the words 'Ankara roads appear more frequently after this'. It aims to get these four projects to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The projects will be financed from Bursa and the ministry. Aktaş, who has completed the projects on the one hand, will be in Ankara to meet with the minister next week.

Aktas, during the campaign for the Acemler steering junction project announced. Now we are preparing a new project. A little less costly 60-70 million pounds of projects around the presentation was made yesterday.

According to Aktaş, if the debts are structured, treasury shares are increased and Ankara's financial support in the projects is used in the right places, Bursa gets its response in a short time. (Namık EYE - bursahakimiyet)



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