This Expedition, Bees Raided Istanbul Airport

this time the Istanbul airport bee
this time the Istanbul airport bee

Bees raided a bellows in the apron section of Istanbul Airport. airporthab isAccording to the news in; A new event is happening every day at Istanbul Airport, which was opened last April. This time, bees raided the airport.

This time, bees, not planes, approached the bellows D7 on the apron of Istanbul Airport. When the bees coming out of the hive could not land on the surrounding trees, they had to land on the bellows where the planes approached.

It is estimated that the bees, which are understood to be honey bees, leave the hive of the bees in the surrounding villages and put them on the bellows. As is known, the area where the new airport was built previously consisted of a forest area where bees received honey and flowers were abundant.

This process, called the son, takes place as follows; With the proliferation instinct of bees; to create a new family of bees, a group of bees led by a queen bee leave the hive.

30% - 70% of the individuals of the colony leave the hive together with the old queen bee and form a new colony. The first queen to go with the son regains the ability to fly by reducing the spawning a while before the swarm emerges.

Although it varies from region to region, it is spring-summer months. May-June continues until the great nectar collection time.


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