Bermuda Devil Triangle Becomes a Province for Trains in Izmit


He started his campaign with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the past months. Halkalı - Gebze suburban line never ends. Yesterday, the same images happened yesterday in a region where a train failed.

Gebze, which the citizens of Kocaeli and Sakarya expected to open for a long time and will return to the story of snake more - Halkalı The suburban line was opened with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the past months after the long construction period. With Gebze Halkalı connecting the line, the line has been frequently preferred and used by citizens recently. The suburban train, which is preferred especially by the Sakaryan citizens due to its affordable suburban ticket price and comfortable transportation, always fails at the same point when it comes to the province of Izmit.

The malfunctions experienced in the past weeks had found a place in the local media. Despite the news and reports, a solution has not been found yet. Whether YHT or suburban trains, while watching on the Izmit-Sakarya line, they fail when they come to the location of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Trains that got their share from the aforementioned breakdown run after a short wait and continue on their way. Gebze due to previous malfunctions - Halkalı There could not have been a trip in the suburban line and the citizens had to wait in the wagons for a long time.

Kocaeli Balance News In the notice photo reaching his center, he saw the same train malfunction again in the same area. Gebze - Halkalı learned that the commuter train learned that a short wait and then continued on the road. Citizens are curious about the trauma of the trains. Authorities are demanding information about these pauses. (Source: Koaceli Balance)

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