Ataturk Fashion Show Project at Basmane Train Station

basmane train station ataturkun izmire gelisi anisina ataturk show
basmane train station ataturkun izmire gelisi anisina ataturk show

The arrival of Atatürk in Izmir Basmane Train Station 10 September 1922 TCDD was sent to the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways to carry out the 'First Step' Atatürk fashion show in memory of its founding.

'First Step' Atatürk Fashion Show Project was prepared by fashion designer Hüseyin Özkan, founder of Atatürk Clothing and Culture Research Center. There will be 90 people, 300 collections and 30 models to serve in the general organization, while the duration of the fashion show will be 90 minutes.

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Hüseyin ÖZKAN was born in Kırşehir, 1950. In 1961, Hüseyin ÖZKAN started his career in İstanbul Beyoğlu.

Fashion Designer Hüseyin ÖZKAN who graduated from Istanbul Tailoring Institute in 1968, developed his profession in 1969 in England at the tailoring academy by taking a training as a stylist and stylist.

He opened his own studio in 1971 Designer Hüseyin ÖZKAN The late journalist-writer Abdi İPEKCİ, Şehr-i Muharrir Burhan FELEK, Milliyet Newspaper Editor in Chief Cetin EMEÇ, Journalist Fahrettin PAKKAN, and Advisory Assembly Member Mustafa YÜCEL.

Hussein, the King of Jordan, Hussein, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, the clothing he has planted in the international arena, fashion designer Hüseyin ÖZKAN'ın, because of the clothes prepared a lot of appreciation certificates and certificates.
In 1976, Modacı Hüseyin ÖZKAN, an article on un Atatürk and Stylish Clothing un published in a professional magazine, is a wide collection of clothing and clothes tailored to the Turkish customs and traditions, styled by Atatürk's clothes and the present day, with its archive works close to the 20 Year.


National Security Council, dated 16 / December / 1980, General Staff, 1st Army and Strict Management Command, Press and Public Relations Branch No. 7130-2383-80, Istanbul Police and Central Command, KK1 West Garrison Command, Strict Management Operations The "Ataturk Clothing and Culture Research Center", which was established with the special permission given by the Branch Directorate and the documents bearing the signatures of the Beyoğlu District Governorship, aims to explain Atatürk's elegance, the Dress Up Revolution, the military dress culture to the whole world through conferences, press conferences, art and fashion events and Atatürk's He was given permission as a military and civilian tailor to ensure that the clothes found were renewed in accordance with the original.

"Ataturk Clothing and Culture Research Center" of the "Culture, Art and Fashion Event Specialist" as Ataturk's museum in located garments Hussein couturier renewed in accordance with the original Özkan of Atatürk costumes prepared by Turkey's around the museum are exhibited in the most precious corner .

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