Mayor Demir 'Every Rule Followed in Traffic Connects Us to Life'


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir praised the Pedestrian Priority Project, which has been put into practice in traffic, and said, "Every rule followed in traffic binds us to life."

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir participated in the program organized to explain the problems in traffic and raise awareness due to the Highway Traffic Week celebrated with the theme of Pedestrian Priority Traffic Safety. Demir praised the Pedestrian Priority Project, which has been newly implemented in traffic and said, “Every rule followed in traffic binds us to life”.

The Governor Osman Kaymak, Provincial Police Chief Vedat Yavuz, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Ünsal Ağoğlu, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ersan Aksu, institution directors, district governors, NGO representatives, teachers and students also spoke at the program organized by the Provincial Security Directorate in Cumhuriyet Square. Mayor Mustafa Demir drew attention to 'Traffic Safety'.

Stating that the Traffic Week, which is held every year, aims to create a more sensitive society by drawing the attention of citizens of all ages to traffic and traffic safety, Mustafa Demir also made the following statement:

“Complying with traffic rules is a manifestation of self-respect and the necessity of being a civilized person. We must never forget that every rule that is followed binds us to life. It is an undeniable fact that the most important factor in traffic is people, drivers who will pay the utmost attention to the condition of the road, vehicle and road safety are the determining factor of traffic. As 2019 was declared as the pedestrian-priority Traffic Year, the theme of the traffic week of 2019 was 'pedestrian priority in traffic'. This project started is very important. Because pedestrians are unprotected factors in traffic. We need to explain the importance of the project to all segments of the society, drivers, passengers, children and young people. We need to create this awareness in all our citizens. I hope Traffic week will be instrumental in this. "

In the event, the stands were also visited, the students who were in the competition in the image, poetry composition competition on the theme of traffic, were presented their awards by the protocol members.

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