5 Meter Snow Fight in May in Antalya


Summer and winter landscapes are experienced at the same time in Antalya. There are summer images on the beaches while the plateaus fight against snow. The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is working intensively to open the snow-covered roads of the Söbüçimen Plateau of Gündoğmuş.

In Antalya, where the air temperature approaches 30 degrees, the coastal areas begin to fill, while the winter conditions and snow dominance in the Taurus Mountains continue. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 2 200 5 thousand 10 meter with the instruction of President Söbüçimen Yaylası'nın XNUMX XNUMX meters of snow covered by the way to open the way to work for XNUMX days. The Directorate of Rural Services teams are trying to raise the snow masses on the way to Söbüçimen Plateau, which is the summer pasture of the citizens who are engaged in animal husbandry in the region, to train the nomads to the time of migration.

Metropolitan in both the center and the Taurus
Providing information about the works of the Metropolitan Municipality Rural Affairs Officer Isa Akdemir said: ı Antalya is known as a coast and tourism city, but the Taurus is experiencing very severe winter conditions. The Söbüçimen Plateau is not only the pasture of Gündoğmuş, but also the plains of the Yörükler which is a plateau in Alanya and Manavgat. Highland road is a historic road. There's more snow this year. The highland road is closed due to snow deposits in excess of 5 meters. Our Mayor Muhittin Böcek gave the necessary instructions. 10 have been fighting snow here for days. Metropolitanly working day and night without stopping the way before the time of migration to the highlanders will open, dur he said.
Isa Akdemir, the Metropolitan Municipality also started at the Akseki and Göktepe and Saraclı side of the plateau on the road to the snow, he said he was running the work.

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