Maintenance of Alanya Gedevet Road

alanya gedevet
alanya gedevet

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, in the north of Alanya Gedevet Plateau road repair work started in Kızılalan area. Road drifting and preparing the road to summer, which consists of dent.

Gedevet Plateau road which is frequently used in summer months in Alanya caused landslides and dents due to ground water in Kızılalan area. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Rural Services Alanya teams, sent to the region with the work machines and staff began to work to repair the road. In order to keep the water from the road in contact with the road, while the work machines were working, a service road was opened in Kızılalan area to allow the citizens going to the area to pass through the vehicles.

Intensive use in summer
Gedevet Plateau is one of the most important plateaus of Alanya. After the month of Ramadan, tourism and the highlands will be intensively used in this way to prevent problems in teams, working with great diligence and dedication. It is planned to complete the works as soon as possible and to open the road to service.

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