Smart Payments Will Change Our Experience

smart rooms will change our transportation experience
smart rooms will change our transportation experience

Visa and Stanford University's ulaşım Future of Transport in the Age of Megacities araştır global transportation research revealed opportunities and challenges for public transport with increasing population in cities.

Visa (NYSE: V) Research on the Future of Transport in the Megasphere Age with Stanford University examines the challenges and opportunities faced by consumers who benefit from collective and individual transportation, while also addressing the role of payments in the area of ​​sustainable growth.

19 is one of the world's most comprehensive studies in the field of collective and individual transportation with 19 bin consumers in the country, revealing striking trends on a global scale.

Consumers expect 5 to increase transportation time during the year
52 of consumers across the world says that the public transport experience does not meet the expectations. While the 46 of the survey respondents said that the time they had increased, the 37 5 expects to increase the transportation times in the year.

64 of the world cannot find a parking space
61 of individuals prefer to use their own vehicles both for work and for personal transportation. The most distressing issue in driving is the concern of not finding a place to park with the 64. 47 also says that they expect innovative applications that can give information about where to buy the cheapest gasoline.

Public transport continues to be widely used
The 44 of participants use public transport to get to work, school and university. Comfort, reliability and passenger density are the three main factors that determine the choice of public transport.

Consumers want to see smart payment systems in transportation
The difficulty of payments in transportation is the basis of many complaints. According to the research, it becomes clear that the average usage will increase by% 27 when it becomes easier to pay the public transportation. The 47 of the participants stated that the use of different tickets for different modes of transportation, and the 41 is the only problem in public transportation services. Consumers say that due to these difficulties, they are trying to use their own vehicles instead of public transportation.

Visa Tezel Merve Turkey General Manager said: "This global survey also reveals that many results available for consumers in Turkey. As Visa, we have cooperated closely with local public transport operators in many cities of Europe to open public transportation to all payment cards and to equip them with smart systems. Thanks to all these works, the city residents and millions of tourists who visit these cities can easily benefit from public transportation services through contactless Visa cards in European cities such as London, Milan, Dijon and Madrid. The smart system that works at the back calculates and reflects the most appropriate pricing. For example, if you transfer between two metro lines over a certain period of time, the system reflects a single ticket price, not two, to your contactless Visa card that you have read while you are passing through a turnstile. This eases the consumers' queues and the uncertainty of the fees they will pay, allowing public transport operators to reduce the operational burden on ticketing systems to a great extent and direct them to points where they can improve their resources and services. Thus, the improved public transport experience increases consumer satisfaction and provides a basis for more people to use public transportation instead of their own. Böylece

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