Turkey's First Library Station Opens in Konya!

The first station is aciliyor turkiyenin library in Konya
The first station is aciliyor turkiyenin library in Konya

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism turned the Gar House into a library in Konya. After the official opening of the station is scheduled to be expanded across Turkey library.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is launching a new study for those who love train travel. The ministry will deploy gar libraries on high-speed railways across the country. Accordingly, the first step was taken in Konya. Milliyet NewspaperAccording to the report of Aykut Yılmaz; The ministry, which converted the No. 9 Train Station, which was restored by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, into a library, is counting days to bring citizens together with the book during the train journey.

Widespread across the country

Consisting of the first garage library with the Metropolitan Municipality to read the books they borrowed during and after the travel of citizens on the high-speed train route, the ministry will bring together the book lovers after the Ramadan Feast in the historical Gar House in Konya. A citizen with a book in Konya will be able to deliver the book to the ministry-affiliated libraries. The ministry will also expand gar libraries throughout the country.

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