Road Works on New Tram Lines in Eskişehir Continue

Eskisehir continues to work on new tram lines
Eskisehir continues to work on new tram lines

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality teams continue to work on the main arterial streets and new tram lines in the city as a result of the warming of the weather.

On the Opera-Kumlubel tram line, the teams completing the asphalt pavement works of the side roads in Nizam Street continue their work on the tram line and side roads in Gaffar Okkan Street.

On the route of Kanlıpınar Martyrdom, the Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, which continues to work on the hot asphalt at the Kaplanlar Street, also accelerated the work at the Asri cemetery before the Ramadan Feast, and started road repair, maintenance and patch works.

Teams, Hijri Sezen, Millet and Dumlupınar streets in the damaged areas of the teams who perform patch work, Ali Riza Efendi Street in the scope of road expansion work on building demolition and debris removal work.

The authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality stated that the construction wastes from the demolition were broken in the crushing plant at the recycling facility of the Metropolitan Municipality and considered as filling material in the infrastructure works.

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