50 Month Term for Kartepe's 1-Year-Old Imaginary Ropeway

Kartepe Cable Car Line Project
Kartepe Cable Car Line Project

Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman, who undertook the construction of the ropeway project but did not start the project by citing economic reasons, announced to the management of the company that they knew 1 months to start the project.

Kocaman,, We invited the manager of the contractor, came. We've got a month to start the project. As soon as the contract is terminated unilaterally, we will go to the tender. Baş

The construction of the cable car line between Derbent and Kuzuyayla dates back to the year before 50. Despite the attempts made in different periods, the project could not be implemented. Hüseyin Üzülmez, who was elected Mayor of Kartepe in the local elections in 2014, spent 3 years to start the ropeway project. The tender was held in September of 2017. Walter Lifts firm undertook the tender. The foundation of the project was laid on 10 December 2018. Company management has committed to finish the project on February 2020.

Walter, who undertook the project with Build-Operate-Transfer model, started to look for credit to start the project after the ground-breaking ceremony. However, the company could not start the project when the loan demanded by foreign and domestic banks could not be obtained. After a long wait, Governor Huseyin Aksoy and Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman invited the management of the company to the city. The company management, who came to our province last day, met with Governor Aksoy and Chairman Kocaman and promised to continue the project.

Speaking to the newspaper about the city's 50 annual dream of the cable car line, Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman said that they had invited the company management to the city. . It is unfortunate that the project stopped. We've been waiting a long time. We could not terminate unilaterally because the contract continued for a while. We invited the governor together with our governor, they came. We talked to them. They promised to continue the project. We are also familiar with the one-month period to speed up the work. If they can't start within a month, we told them they would terminate the contract. If the firm does not keep its promise, we will re-bid. Our plan B is ready. Bizim

The giant project, which is expected to reach the summit of Samanlı Mountains at the same time, was expected to cost 50 million TL by watching the Gulf of Izmit and Sapanca Lake at the same time as the 100 annual dream in Kartepe.

The first stage of the cable car line, which was planned to be built in two stages, was to be operated by the company, which received the tender for 4 thousand 960 meters of line between Derbent-Kuzu Yayla promenade area. The cable car line to be built with the Build-Operate-Transfer model would be double-sided and 29-rope. After the completion of the first stage, the second stage of the project will be held between Seka Camp and Derbent. (Cemalettin ÖZTÜRK - the özgürkocael)

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