15 2,4 Billion Lending to Railway Electrification Investments

billions of liras spent on rail electrification investments per year
billions of liras spent on rail electrification investments per year

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan said, N In the railway sector, which is important for energy efficiency and has undergone significant improvements in recent years, we spent a total of 15 billion pounds for the electrification investments in the last 2,4 annually and we increased the electric line length by 166 Ulaştırma.

International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany continued in the city (ITF) Turhan representing Turkey, "Developing Global Connections: Transport, Energy and Telecommunications Networks" themed Ministers spoke in open session.

Turhan said that today economic and social sustainability and prosperity are better understood not only from national policies but also from regional and global policies.

Turkey's only within the country the main target of investment in the field of transportation multimodal not provide connection continent with the corridor notion of Turhan explained that uninterrupted and high quality transportation infrastructure to establish, "Continent with location, linking Turkey, important trade between Europe and Africa with the emerging Asian economies is located on the route. For this reason, our country has a geostrategic importance in the development of regional and interregional relations. Bu

Turhan stated that the transport links not only inter-mode adjustment and linkage, but also the relation of transport with related sectors such as energy and telecommunications, he added.

Bağ Likewise, the transformation in technology and production fields leads to great changes in all sectors and necessitates the strengthening of connections between transport and other sectors. Especially with digitalization, we attach great importance to intelligent transportation and communication infrastructure projects. We have identified Smart Transportation Systems as one of the main transport policies that meet the needs, addressing the needs, covering the latest possible innovations and the interfaces with other modes of transport, and established the necessary legal infrastructure.

Traffic management systems, electronic payment systems, driver assistance and intelligent vehicle systems, many subsystems having the Intelligent Transportation Systems such as passenger information systems, has reached an important sector position to create value for the future of Turkey. We use information communication technologies in order to provide high quality and comfortable transportation services to our people by acting in cooperation with local administrations in urban transportation issues. In addition, we understand that not only economic factors, but also environmental and social factors need to be taken into account when developing infrastructures for transport connections and we care that our investments are sustainable. In this context, we attach great importance to shifting transportation especially from petroleum-dependent road transport to other modes, ensuring energy supply security and minimizing the impacts on the environment. Bu

United Nations within the framework of sustainable development accessible to a seventh clean energy from the target energy on uninterrupted access they remove regional disparities in Turkey and increasing the security of supply source diversification Turhan told that they had largely guaranteed, "which is important for energy efficiency and significant improvements experienced by rail in recent years industry, electrification investments for the last 15 annually 2,4 billion pounds spending and electric line length increased by 166 percent. asyon he said.

Minister Turhan congratulated South Korea, who is the chairman of this year's International Transport Forum, for his success and wished success to the next president, Ireland.

On the other hand, about 70 ministers and more than a thousand delegates from more than 40 countries participate in the International Transport Forum. In the Forum that will end tomorrow, many topics from new trade routes to the connections of cars are discussed.

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