Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Asked The First Domestic Steam Locomotive

who wanted to be a millionaire was asked the first domestic steam locomotive
who wanted to be a millionaire was asked the first domestic steam locomotive

Who wants to be a millionaire? The question asked in the contest reminded us of the first domestic and national production of the steam locomotives. The story of our steam locomotives written in gold letters to our railway history is as follows;

Adnan Menderes 1957 in Ankara Youth Park, which will be operated in the "Mehmetçik" and "Efe" for the miniature trains in Eskişehir Cer Atelier prepared by riding one of the locomotives and said "I can make this great if you want the locomotive?" He said. Upon this request, in 1958, two steam locomotives are started to be manufactured completely in Eskişehir and Sivas Cer Ateliers with local opportunities. In the 1961 production is manufactured in Eskisehir, Turkey until completion of the services offered Railways steam locomotive "Karakurt", the valve is manufactured in Sivas "Booth" is called. These steam locomotives weigh 97 tons, have 1915 horsepower and can drive at 70 km / h. About 25 years after pulling their wagons to the four corners of the country after completing the economic life of the task by delivering the diesel locomotives and retired. Karakurt withdrew from Eskişehir and Bozkurt in Sivas; where he produced in Turkey Railway Machines Industry AŞ (TÜDEMSAŞ) it is exhibited.

Who wants to be a millionaire? 30 thousand pounds worth of 8 in the contest questioned our two forgotten railway history has moved to the agenda again. Question "In the 1961 by Turkish workers and engineers What is the name of the first steam locomotive produced in Turkey?" Came in the form. A) Karakaçan, b) Karayel, c) Karatren, d) Karakurt was given in the form. The contestant used the audience joker, and the audience's 63 answered land Karatren Yarışma. Based on the answer given by the audience, the contestant who answered ”Karatren Seyir was eliminated from the competition.

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