TÜVASAŞ to meet our high-speed train needs

high speed train will meet our need
high speed train will meet our need

Railways-business Union of Adapazari Branch Building on the result of a coming together union president with the press breakfast, Cemal Yaman, Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) 's past, shared today and the public on the subject of disclosure future.

Yaman, with TÜVASAŞ of his pupil and their respective projects in Turkey, but it should be noted that an organization has not introduced enough.

Railways-business Union of Adapazari Branch of the press release made by the secular old said: "of Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation yesterday, today and future of our company, our country and the importance of our region, institution in our developments, we wanted to share with the public.

Esteemed friends, TÜVASAŞ is a very important organization which is the pupil of our country and our region but unfortunately we cannot introduce enough. TÜVASAŞ has been around 70 since its establishment; the concrete expression of labor and sweat; a constantly changing and evolving work culture; The renewed and growing production force with intensive labor and effort, new products, new markets, has been the right pride of producing and achieving.

TÜVASAŞ, Turkey railways for passenger transportation in the car park of all the operating and maintenance at the close of the manufacturer, the Middle East and in the Balkans in the field of activity is a powerful institution with the highest capacity.
TÜVASAŞ produced the first domestic railway passenger wagons, electric suburban trains, RAYBÜS, TVS-2000 series luxury passenger wagons, Modernization projects, Diesel Train Sets called “Anatolia”. In total, it produced around 2500 railway vehicles and repaired and modernized around 40 thousand vehicles. In the framework of joint production; Experience in the production of rail vehicles for urban transportation with BURSARAY Metro vehicles and MARMARAY vehicles kazanis gone. Despite all the difficulties, it has exported vehicles to the railways of Pakistan, Iraq and Bulgaria, which is a member of the European Union.

But despite this potential, he couldn't break his shells and had no original design of his own. In both the main line of railway vehicles and urban rail vehicles, it will not only be in the international markets but also the desired position to meet the needs of our country.
The reason for this is the obstacles to our institution. These obstacles;

• JCC law,
• State personnel Act,
• Procedures for entering domestic and international tenders,
• Financing,

Our company is the leader industry with the industry and partners; the potential to produce high added value can only be realized through the elimination of these obstacles. Foreseeing all of these, it has become imperative to carry out an efficiency-based structural change in our sector (TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ). This is unfortunately a general problem of all such state institutions. Especially considering the working system and structure of the world giant companies in the sector where our institution is active, they are exempt from all of them and they do not have such obstacles. Of course, then it would not be right to think that our TÜVASAŞ would compete with them. Therefore, it is not right to accuse our Institution of inefficiency. The solution of this is to remove the bureaucratic obstacles mentioned above in front of our institution.

As you know, the basis of the struggle between the countries of the world is based on the economy. The final output of this struggle is unfortunately war. Providing the survival of our country, defense

As in our industry, it is possible with all our sectors and therefore our economy is strong. For this purpose, how to provide direct procurement to the Defense Industry Sector; The same regulations should be introduced to the production sector of Railway Vehicles so that our sector can become stronger with its domestic and national production and exports.

The added value produced in our sector is important for the domestic industry, the profits are high and therefore there is a tendency to international monopoly. It is imperative that our domestic and national rail vehicle production capacity be strengthened against international monopolies and harmonized with competition. The existing facility-equipment, know-how and human resources should be urgently restructured to be managed from a single source. If this is done, the added value that will be created at the level of hundreds of billions in the next 20 years will remain in our country, employment, information and technology will contribute to the people, economy and future of our country. kazanwill have been raised.

First, the presidency of the presidency of the railway sector should be established. All of the country's supply and demand management in this sector should be determined strategically by this presidency. On the other hand, the autonomous structure of our organizations and the KIK Law, the State Personnel Act, the financing structure and the bureaucratic difficulties experienced in international marketing will be eliminated. In this way, our institutions will be managed and managed with the private sector logic and thus our majority shareholding of our institution, which is a sine qua non of our union, will always be in the hands of our state.

On the other hand, if our institution is supported, we have the ability to produce very high added value to our region in our region, 2 has been working as the General Manager for less than a year. Dr. İlhan KOCAARSLAN has demonstrated what they have done.

With a successful management style, TÜVASAŞ is breaking its shell and moving towards its desired goals. Especially with the new management approach of our teacher, integration of management, unions and employees has been provided. With this understanding, the management was ensured to have the same opinion as the union, “our worker, our engineer and all our employees are not lazy, they are hardworking, productive; however, he can offer work within the framework of a plan and program, employ a company, own the company like his own company, meet his production needs on time, make annual business programs, market, fill his future years with a project, make R&D, own designs, visionary, A new approach has been adopted by saying that there is a low efficiency because of the lack of a proactive management and organization. Because our institution still depends on TCDD and TCDD Transportation in terms of business supply. Their demands have uncertainty and variability on a monthly and annual basis. However, in such an industry, production plans must be made at least three years in advance. On the other hand, the most painful thing is that our country needs railway vehicles, international tenders, infrastructures and foreign companies by our operating institutions and municipalities.

The most important element in this sector is undoubtedly human resources. To this end, the new management has prioritized making its employees more equipped, focused on R & D and innovation. Believing in a sense of belonging, owning and doing their own work by forming the belief of all employees, accordingly increased the performance of the company. Thus, TÜVASAŞ has succeeded in breaking the records of previous years with its continuously increasing production performance and efficiency. Within the scope of the annual information made by TÜVASAŞ management; Our sales turnover realized in the last three years; 2016 in 290 million tl. while 2017

371 million TL in the year, 2018 million in the last two years, reaching $ 3 million turnover has doubled. Our sales revenue in 488 is half a billion rubles. will exceed the limit.

The comparative production results of our company have an increasing trend. MT-15400 series DMU productions; 2016 set in 5, 2017 set in 7 and 2018 was set as 14 in the set.

The number of vehicles repaired and repaired again; 2016 vehicle in 294, 2017 vehicle in 313, while in 2018 346 was realized as an increasing number of vehicles.

The standby time of vehicles has been reduced from 36 to 4 month. 30 is reduced from 1 to XNUMX.

Our company has 500 industrial companies of Turkey in the first ranking of 424 in the rail sector and the public has been 9. 1. The performance of our employees in 2018 shows that this increase trend will continue by guiding 2019 as well. On this occasion, I sincerely congratulate our Honorable Teacher and General Manager and all our employees.

Today, TÜVASAŞ has reached a point where TÜVASAŞ, which has been so onların outsourced to the subcontractor companies al, has been able to compete with sub-contracting companies in the market and to take jobs from them.

At the same time, TÜVASAŞ will meet the axle needs of the vehicles it will manufacture with the rik direct supply'n from the Steel Industry of the Machinery Chemical Industry Corporation in order to increase the domestic and nationality in our country.

As a first in its sector, our company has made brake linings, one of the most important input materials, domestic and national.

The new R & D Projects Unit established by the new administration, Turkey's first rail system developed by K-type composite disc pads have become producing prototypes ready for serial production.

K-type composite disc pads and brake pads are the import cost of 50.000.000 TL per year for our economy. Thus, an important milestone for the national and domestic brake system has been exceeded.

TÜVASAŞ has now been transformed from the wagon repair workshop in the 1950s to the rail vehicle production base of the 2020s. He will work diligently and intensely, produce from design to production with maximum locality and will present to our nation in a short time; The National Electric Train Set (EMU) project will break the shell of TÜVASAŞ and move it to the position it deserves.

Dear friends, we have to deliver a right here. As it is known, following the establishment of the Republic, investments were made in the railway sector in our country from 1923 to 1950. Between 1950-2003, almost no new investments have been made in the railway sector in our country. However, with the 2003 year, in the last 15 year, the biggest and most serious investments were made in both mainline railways and urban light rail systems. We also welcome the decision to ban the importation of Tram and Train Wagons published in the official newspaper 6 April 2019. As the Railway teşekkür İş Union, we would like to thank Mr. President for his great wisdom and determination.

Dear members of the press, as you know, in the year of 2014, TÜVASAŞ was given the task of producing the electric train sets, which had been procured from abroad until now, with domestic and national facilities.

Our company owns a new project, National Electric Train Sets design and production with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Our General Manager, who we especially consider as a chance for TÜVASAŞ. Dr. İlhan KOCAARSLAN has combined his love for the country, his international experience, practical and academic vision with the existing potential in our organization and the necessary infrastructure works have been completed in a short time with the resulting synergy.
The construction of the ”one and the largest production plant in our country and in our region iz where the aluminum bodies of the train sets will be produced has been completed and the modern robotic machines to be used in this facility have been supplied from the domestic and national market and made ready for production.

Dear friends, We have been working for many years and we have experience in the railway sector and TÜVASAŞ we are very versatile and deeply recognized. We never had the problem of producing and being productive as employees. Especially in the last period, working in harmony with the management of workers and products produced with the performance we have revealed. We both supported and encouraged the excitement of our General Manager with our desire to work and produce. Hocamız also focused on the accumulation and the environment in this work and came up with a great result for our country.

National Train Project, 160 km / h speed Electric National Train Set Project, which did not show any significant progress even though it was started five years ago, gained high momentum after our teacher took office as the General Manager. kazanand in the last 1,5 years, the installation of the Aluminum Body Factory, vehicle design studies and component procurement have been completed and production studies have been started. This national train to be produced will also be used in the Ada express.
The first batch of 100 vehicles, the five-prong prototype series, will be reduced to the tracks at the end of 2019 and will be presented to our nation. We want you to know that our organization is faced with big obstacles and difficulties in the international arena in order not to produce these train sets.

As far as we know from TCDD informations, 10 will exceed 10 thousand km in the coming XNUMX year.

Some of them will be used for 160-200 km / h speed train sets, while others will be for 200-250 km / h. Therefore, the fast and high speed electric train sets that our country will run on these routes in the coming 10 year will be needed in large amounts.

In order to explain the importance of the subject, we need to make a sampling:
The vessels in our bodies are like railway infrastructure, the blood circulating in the vein is like railway vehicles. The blood circulating in the veins gives life to our organs and body. Blood is produced and cleaned by other organs within the body. So the body is healthy

how it is necessary to produce the blood in the veins by the body is essential for the production of the vehicles in our railway networks both nationally and nationally by our country. With the help of external blood supplements, we cannot think that the body will not function properly and no foreign company will help our country in this vital issue.

The realities of population, geopolitical, economic, technological, demand, religion and language hinterlands of our country compel us to be producers and determinants in such a sector.

As we have followed in the press, we have been auctioned at the beginning of 96 for supply of 786 high speed train set (2018 vehicles) under the leadership of TULOMSAS to meet these needs. Among the indispensable needs of our country; plus 160 km / h and 200 km / h hourly train will run on this train sets will need thousands of vehicles. The transformation of these railway infrastructures, which our country has made in the last 15 year by making huge investments, into socio-economic development and creating added value to our country will be possible by running train sets with sufficient frequency and intensity.

On the other hand, if these sets are imported from abroad, 10 will bring a serious burden on billions of dollars to our country's economy. Moreover, due to maintenance and spare parts supply of these vehicles, our country's economy will have very serious losses.

This is the task of the situation TVASAŞ, 160 km / h fast design, such as the 18 moon in a short period of time, at the same time 225 km / h speed has started the design of vehicles and 10 for about a month we are witnessing the silent operation. We have learned and appreciated these works which have been silent and deeply carried out for a long time with great pride. Our General Manager, who manages and directs these works, is of great importance for the future of our TÜVASAŞ. Professor Dr. We congratulate our teacher and the team of İlhan KOCAARSLAN.

These sets will also be produced in the Aluminum Body Production Factory of TÜVASAŞ. Because in this facility, bodies of not only our National EMU, but also Metro, Light Rail System, Fast and High Speed ​​Train Vehicles will be produced. TÜVASAŞ, which is the 1st in its sector, kazanWith this facility, it has raised its potential leadership for our country and region to the level of indisputable indispensability.

If we examine the applications in the world closely, it is seen that there are big differences between the theoretical speed and the applied speed in High Speed ​​Train Management Routes. To illustrate this difference, especially in European countries, Russia and other countries that use the fast train in the world:

Moscow, Russia The length of the train line between St. Petersburg and the city is about 650 km, and the train expedition takes 3 and an hour and a half, where even the speed does not find 200 km / h. For this, even the news that Russia is stopping high-speed train purchases.

Therefore, considering the average speed in the application; These vehicles, designed at TÜVASAŞ, have a speed of 225 km / h, will be able to be used in our highways and high speed train operations and will meet our needs. So we will not need to import our High Speed ​​Train Sets. TÜVASAŞ is the most important foundation for the purpose of import substitution.

* received at very high prices
* maintenance and repair costs with long-term very high costs forming

It will meet our need for High Speed ​​​​Train by producing domestic and national 225 km/h train sets. TÜVASAŞ will not be satisfied with this today. With this vision, in case of need, in 100, the 2023th Anniversary of our Republic, High Speed ​​​​Trains will be delivered to our country's railway lines locally and nationally. kazanWe have full confidence that it will.

So how will TÜVASAŞ succeed?
How will TÜVASAŞ achieve such projects with state status? Questions to; Under the leadership of our General Manager has found the answer. To overcome the bureaucratic obstacles in front of TÜVASAŞ status; 160 has signed a cooperation agreement with ASELSAN, in which it works together with the National Electric Train Sets with speed of km / h and the National Electric Train Sets with the speed of 225 km / h. It exceeds the bureaucratic obstacles arising from state status in design, marketing and similar situations with the autonomous structure of ASELSAN.

TÜVASAŞ management by the President of the President of the nationalism and nationality discourse by removing the task; In the installation of Aluminum Body Production Factory, in the production process of 160 km / h Electric National Train Sets and in the development of 225 km / h Speed ​​Train Sets and components; First of all, it works in close cooperation with many local companies including ASELSAN.

Distinguished Press Members, In our country, 12 has been imported from different countries, 26 various railway vehicles and components and imported 6 billion dollars abroad. This is a great loss for our country, which needs to use its scarce resource in the most efficient way, because it creates permanent dependency.

Let's not continue this error as a country. As I said, my dear friends, our country needs thousands of close-range rail vehicles, thousands of mainline passenger rail vehicles and thousands of fast and high-speed train vehicles in the coming 15 year. All the international representatives of this sector are in the pursuit of this market. Their only concern is to take as many shares as possible from this market.

For this, they will cooperate with the private sector representatives who are in pursuit of this market in our country.

Both the international sector and the private sector representatives in our country are the only targets of this market.
These technologies of domestic and national industry in our country kazanIt is a mistake to think that they support the development of technology or want us to make new technological initiatives related to it. On the other hand, the development of this sector in our country and reaching a certain level is a process. We believe that this process should be overcome with a national mindset. Because it is obvious that no foreigner would want such a technology transfer in our country in the short term, and that our country would become domesticated and nationalized in this sector, and then work towards exports.

As a result; In our country, the technological development of this sector, and the development of the future in the future, depending on these substructures to provide new technological expansions and to make production in these areas, our state will support the national and domestic initiatives in this sector will be possible today. No foreign or private sector will ever be such a problem and will not be. They have accounts for rent only in this market in our country. We can only prevent these accounts with the transition to the domestic and national sector. The survival of our sectors is our economic survival; our economic survival will be the survival of our country.

Our country; He has painful experiences like the example of Devrim Arabası and Nuri Demirağ's aircraft industry. We want the state, the bureaucracy to take on TÜVASAŞ and its initiatives in this regard and to prevent a new process of suffering in our sector.

Our government; Under the leadership of TÜVASAŞ, ASELSAN should develop and expand these activities with direct procurement.

TÜVASAŞ has acquired the capacity and capability to make the majority of these vehicles together with the domestic and national industries.

For this, the only thing TÜVASAŞ expects from its strategic planners who determine their rail vehicle needs; When infrastructure investments, which take place in a long period of time, are started, the demands regarding the vehicles to be used are reported directly to TÜVASAŞ. With the industrial environment it creates, TÜVASAŞ will organize the business from design to production at the center of the rail vehicle production base it has established in our region, and will be able to produce train sets carrying passengers that our country needs together with its local partners and suppliers (ASELSAN, TÜLOMSAŞ and other local industrialists). Thus, all of our expenses will be transferred to the development of our economy and industry. Following this, imports will decrease and employment and exports will increase. Our country will have realized the locality and nationality mentioned in the railway vehicles sector.

As a result of this detailed information we gave as a result of this detailed information, TÜVASAŞ has come to the point of being able to produce all the railway vehicles that our country needs as a domestic and national passenger. At the same time, it should be supported to be able to export to international markets. We would like to thank Mr. General Manager, board members and the workers and civil servants working in TÜVASAŞ for their works and wish them continued success.

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