Signature in Sudan Railway Line to Turkey

turkey signature to water rail
turkey signature to water rail

Turkey on the railway system in the activities showing raysimaş General Manager of Baran Mustache, will allow the port connections in Sudan Salloum-Suwakin-sheikibrah I iron the way the line feasibility studies, said they received the design and construction consultancy business, he said said work would begin after the signing of the contract.


Turkey's first ray measuring device capable of both manual and automatic measurement (T-RAY) Mustache stating that they provide services producing, "This vehicle design and software was made entirely by Turkish engineers. Thanks to the rail measuring device produced, the need for a rail-measuring tool that has been imported so far will no longer be finished. The higher equipped versions of this vehicle are also on the way. 3 order from the 31 country for the device that attracts great interest from the international market, these orders are being evaluated. Uluslararası

Bıyık stated that the said rail measuring device will be exhibited at XIAX-10 April 2014 at Eurasia Rail 12 and the vehicle will be shown in digital environment at the fair.

Mustache, Turkey and the neighboring region of the railway TCDD to meet the engineering needs of the Directorate-General, Turksat and told us that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary to that established raysimaş the xnumx'n later established in Ankara in February.

Rail systems in engineering leading company in Turkey, aims to be among the leading companies in the world and one hundred percent road to the RAYSİMAŞ as a company that manages public capital, P & D for the rail system, providing engineering services; developing infrastructure and superstructure projects; is an innovative company engaged in certification studies.

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