Trains in Trakya

railroad tracks in Thrace area
railroad tracks in Thrace area

The train wreck in Çorlu was almost a year away. However, the trains still show a dangerous appearance in the Thrace region. The lack of screws to secure the rails to the sleepers in the Muratlı district of Tekirdağ invites new accidents.

Published in Tekirdağ Muratlı Service Newspaper evaluated the complaints and examined the railways. 8 On July 2018, near the Sarilar district between Muratlı and Çorlu districts, 25 displayed the breakage of the traverse screws near the place where the boiler came from in the media.


Every day, some screws were missing on the tracks where the 2-3 train service was carried out and some of them were lost. Even though the screws were said to have been stolen, the broken screws showed that the only problem was not theft. Some sleepers were cracked.

It was also the criticism that the guards of the road guards who made road control on the train lines were lifted five years ago.



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