Tour Of Mersin's Longest And Most Challenging Stage Completed

The longest and most challenging stage of the tour
The longest and most challenging stage of the tour

The 5nd Stage of the 'Tour Of Mersin International Bicycle Tour', which was organized for the 192th time this year by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, has the longest track of 2 kilometers. General Ranking winner of the 2nd Stage was Aaron Grosser from Germany- Bike Aid pro team.

Mersin Governor's Office under the auspices of Turkey Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and the Cycling Federation was held in collaboration 5. Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour 2. The stage started from Mut.

The longest and most challenging course of the tour is 2. At the stage, Mut, Gülnar, Silifke, Erdemli and Mezitli, including a total of 5 county was competed by the contestants. 2. As the General Leader of the Stage, Aaron Grosser of the Germany-Bike AID pro team did not leave the summit to their rivals.

Mezitli Soli Pompeiopolis'de the end of the award ceremony Mersin Mayor Deputy Mayor Gülcan Winter, Mezitli Mayor Neşet Tarhan, Mut Deputy Mayor Ahmet Can, Silifke Deputy Mayor Omer Semih Yilmaz, councilors and a large number of sportspeople attended.

Samoilau didn't have the yellow swimsuit

The 5 race lasted approximately 192 hours, the athletes who traveled a mile, completed a more difficult stage. 2. Pedestrians who sweat and sweat throughout the 192 km at the stage, the course was completed with the natural and beauty of Mersin.

5 starting at the Karacaoglan Park Interchange in the Mut district. Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour 2. Stage Mezitli, Soli ended in Pompeiopolis. 2. Germany's Herrman Radteam's Florian Obersteiner won second place and Roman Vassilenkou from Kazakhstan International Track Cycling Team was third.

As the climbing leader of the Orange Swimwear, the athlete was Salcano Sakarya BB team Mustafa Sayar. Branislau Samoilau of Belarus Munk Cycling team as the General Class winner in the second day, the Yellow Swimwear did not lose its rivals. Herrman Radteam's Florian Obersteiner became the owner of the Turquoise Jersey as the Sprint Leader.

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