While Burdur People Want Passenger Train Back, They Come From Train Station

Burdur arriving at the train station
Burdur arriving at the train station

Burdurlular waiting for the passenger train, with the latest explanations, Burdur Railway Station will be moved to the organized industry, railway rails up to the organized industry section will be dismantled, the existing railway station was announced to be closed.

Burdurlular waiting for the passenger train, with this description of the "railway disassembly" Burdur Train Station is experiencing the shock of closing.

The closure of the Burdur Railway Station and the dismantling of the rails up to the Organized Industry has been over, with the conclusion that the risk of “dismantling of the Burdur railway to Gümüşgün and the complete removal of the railway Bur is an issue! If such a development takes place, it will be impossible for a passenger train to arrive in Burdur! As such, high-speed train services in the future may be put at risk.

The Burdur Gar and the gar structures with extensions are the administrative structures of the Council of Europe, which have been taken under the protection of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Council of Europe.

Burdur Municipality Culture Inventory 202. On the administrative structures of the Burdur Railway Station sonra On the line ending in Eğirdir within the scope of İzmir-Aydın railway line, a central railway network in Burdur was started in 1936 with a line of 24 km, Gölbaşı, Çerçin, and Military stations. The main service building of Gara consists of warehouses and open hatches, water tanks, coal depot, maintenance workshop, WC and lodgings and warehouses. Structures are generally the same as the materials and architectural understanding of each other and Isparta Gar structures. The buildings, which are symbolic structures of the Republican era, are from the crushed roofed and cut stone material.

Why can't the passenger train come to Burdur? 16 January 2019'da published in our news;

Tı In 2005, the trains between Isparta and Burdur were canceled and then the train from Burdur to Izmir and Istanbul was completely removed due to the loss of railways.

On the removal of trains from Burdur to Isparta-Izmir and Istanbul; ”The rails on this line are old, Burdur IsGümüşgün-Isparta line will be renewed“.

With this work, even after the rails were renewed, freight trains arrived in Burdur and started to transport raw materials to a large factory.

Freight trains have been carrying Burdur cargo for years, but since 2015, Burdur-Isparta, Burdur Izmir-Istanbul flights are not made!

Burdur-Isparta train service was an inexpensive and safe way of transportation for the patients, students and those who went to Istanbul for continuous reasons.

Citizens; Burdur Isparta, Burdur Izmir is waiting for train to restart.

In September, 2018 Burdur Izmir train services, 'Lake District will start again with the Express' was made, but it was announced that it will not start with another statement made later.

Burdurlu on; Burdur-Isparta-Izmir wants to start flights! He wants the Burdur train! Bur. Now it is seen that now; Even our dream of el waiting for a passenger train expedition to our city yolcu is taken away from us (the Burdurgazete)



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