Tender Preparation Started for Bursa City Hospital Metro 

tender preparation for bursa city hospital subway started
tender preparation for bursa city hospital subway started

Actually… The planning process started with the City Hospital project. In fact, the starting point for the City Hospital was considered as the part of the Bursaray line to be extended from Emek to Balat for the high-speed train.
So what…
While the construction of the City Hospital is progressing rapidly, the project, which will extend Bursaray, which was started in the last period of the Metropolitan Municipality, encountered obstacles that were not in the account, especially in financing.
At the point Gelin
Deputy Minister of Health Halil Eldemir, the last stage of the City Hospital will be opened in mid-year announced the announcement.
The information on the development of the city hospital, which has the characteristics of a hospital campus, will increase the health investments capacity of the city. Mustafa Esgin gave.
He said:
Li AK Party mayors made the majority of the 54 kilometer rail system line. We have a line starting from Kestel and extending a branch to Emek and the other branch to Uludağ University. K
The development is:
Bul Our Metropolitan Municipality is preparing a tender for the project that will take the Bursaray Line, which ends in Emek, to the City Hospital by bringing it to the high speed train. “
According to the project…
Gerekiyor When City Hospital is activated, we need to solve it by integrating it into the rail system. That is why our Mayor Alinur Aktaş took this project before the agenda. This will be the first project of the new era. Yeni
He continued:
”We need to take Bursaray from Uludag University to Görükle and integrate Görükle with a rail system.“
He added:
Var Also, as stated by our President, we have a metro project starting from Gürsu and taking Yıldırım and Osmangazi into the Çali development zone and all of which go underground. We will do it. Onu

Temporary transportation with rubber tires to the hospital

According to the project, the Bursaray line, which will be extended from Emek, will reach the high speed train station and connect to the City Hospital via Balat in the south of the gate on Mudanya Road.
The line that has been prepared for the tender needs time. City Hospital will be opened in mid-year and in June this year.
The hospital plans temporary transportation to the Burulaş metro project for transportation problems. This will be by bus or metrobus. (Olay - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)

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